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Partner with Poppy to increase efficiency and create new revenue. 

Ventilation monitoring, validation and testing now in your toolbox - differentiate from your competition, increase demand,  and reduce labor expenses. 

Partnering HVAC and ventilation monitoring 

Bring your business the fastest, most accurate ventilation testing and monitoring solution in the industry.

Poppy works closely with select partners and HVAC service providers to seamlessly deliver air tracer technology, extending the value of the services your company provides to your customers with scientifically-backed validation to balance, air flow accuracy, energy costs, and safety.

Enabling your customers to improve building safety, enhance sustainability, and reduce energy consumption.

What is in it for you?

Our partnership includes professional development, testing kits, and regular communication about emerging industry standards and best practices.


As a Qualified Partner, your company will expand its customer base, increase revenue, and reduce labor costs. For TAB or general HVAC focused companies, adding BreatheScore testing allows you to better understand, diagnose, and increase health of your customer's buildings - with considerably less labor and time. 


Testing up to 5,000 sqft only takes 20 minutes.  

Decide how it fits in your business, as an add-on, as part of your installation, or as part of an ongoing maintenance package.


As a Poppy partner, you can expect:


  • Exclusive partner kits containing Poppy testing devices, access to our testing application, BreatheScore Qualified Professional field guide and training for your team, partner access to the Poppy portal to view previous tests, send results and get reminded when new tests are needed. 

  • Quarterly webinars and catch-ups to cover best practices, learn from peers, and look more closely at emerging standards across all buildings and indoor paces. 

  • Cobranded marketing materials, campaign in a box, social media outreach, and media opportunities to boost your business success and drive new revenue

  • Access to continued education opportunities to stay ahead of emerging trends, tools, and technologies, including access to our BreatheScore Qualified Professional Program.


  • Cross-promotion opportunities to highlight your team’s commitment to driving indoor health, increasing ROI, and enhancing sustainability. 

Poppy BreatheScore Kits for Qualified Partners

We’ll get you set up for success quickly.

Poppy Qualified Partner Kits have everything needed to hit the ground running with our ventilation monitoring and measurement technology. 


Each Qualified Partner Kits include: 

3-4 sensors | 2 diffusers | 1 mobile router | 500 ml of Poppy Tracer Solution | 4-5 collapsible tripods | 4-5 tripod tables | 1 laser distance measure | Embroidered Poppy bag

Partner kit

Need training for you and your team? Not a problem. 

Our virtual training program provides flexibility for your teams, along with live experts here to support you and enable your success. 

The BreatheScore Qualified Professional Program (BQP) is a comprehensive training and certification program designed for HVAC and TAB (test and balance) engineers to enhance their understanding of tracer particle decay methods.


As a BreatheScore Certified engineer you will gain expertise in applying tracer methods to measure zone-by-zone air delivery rate metrics, provide clear definitions for terms such as equivalent air change rate (eACH), equivalent outdoor air rates (EOA), and equivalent airflow per person and per floor area. 

Our webinar program extends your learning with discussions, articles and panels with leading experts. 

You're in good company. 

“Our collaborations allow us to introduce a new solution to public health leaders, schools, and communities who want to keep buildings safe and track the success of mitigation measures.”



Andrew Kobylinski,

Co-Founder and CEO

Primary Health

Using state-of-the-art air tracer technology, BreatheScore Certify empowers meaningful, data-driven decisions about a building regardless of age, type, function, or space. 


​During the testing process, you’ll uncover where air is pooling, where air is flowing or blocked, and where clean air mixes with not-so-clean air. Providing this level of clarity, insight and action will boost customer satisfaction, and send them raving about your services. 


You and your customer can see live data about each zone. Giving you the data to discuss how current air quality meets, exceeds, or under delivers eACH. This data will give you and your customers the confidence to optimize ventilation flow, HVAC settings, perform maintenance, or employ other mitigation strategies.


Give your customer the data needed to improve building air quality, efficiency, and safety—as well as the confidence to answer the most important question:

 "Are you sure it's safe?"


Test only take 20 min and cover up to 5,000 sqft, results are delivered and validated in real time, so you can easily adjust, retest, and optimize.

What is the value for my customer?

Website_HP Why Certify.png

What will my customers get?

Dashboard & Benchmarks 

  • Track each zone’s Air Change Rate over time, referencing you team's configuration notes and scenario. 

  • Measure the immediate impact of HVAC adjustments and improvements.

Energy Savings Calculator & Ventilation Playbook 

  • Best practice guide to improve out-of-target rooms or floors.

  • Calculate energy cost savings by addressing over ventilated areas.

Communications & Promotion Package 

  • Showcase commitment to health, safety, climate and RTW with third party safety verification.

  • Use press release templates, digital badges, and social media asses to promote your certification.

Decal & Room Activity Guides 

  • Display your Silver, Gold, Platinum or Certified status in the buildings.

  • Highlight room-by-room safety with interactive online activity guides for occupants.

The company we keep.

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How the BreatheScore System works

Poppy’s innovative particle tracer technology uses diffusers, sensors, and software to power the BreatheScore system.  Monitoring begins by Poppy diffusers releasing specialized, small, water-based particles into the air at the same height and velocity as human breath, mimicking typical pathogen particle transmission. Advanced sensors instantly send data to our secure cloud application for processing while sensors are continuing to trace how these tiny aerosols (down to 1 micron-sized tracer droplets) are moving within the room and in-between sensors. Building air quality testing data is compiled in real-time, streaming a live chart of test progress and the volume of remaining diffused mist in the air. The test completes in less than 20 minutes, giving you real eACH and EOA scores and detials about what this score means and how to interpret it. This data visually shows you how long it takes harmful particles to dissipate from the tested space (real-time measures of eACH). Air findings are provided and combined with your occupancy or capacity for the space, giving you a risk score based on occupancy and an opportunity rating if air health is significantly above building and wellness standards. What makes Poppy technology so unique is how it considers all air exchange systems in your environment, such as mechanical ventilation, filters, UVC, and your heating and cooling system system to provide a comprehensive look at the health of your space. BreatheScore is the industry’s most scalable, comprehensive air monitoring system and is used across our products (install version, certification testing, and partner kits). This revolutionary diffuser and sensor technology is the industry’s fastest, most scalable, and accurate real-time airflow monitoring system.

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