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Driven to make the invisible visible.

It’s a simple fact: When it comes to the safety of your indoor air, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. That’s why Poppy provides the technology and expertise you need to do just that: discover exactly what’s in the air around you, at any time and in any place, so what was invisible becomes visible, measurable, and, most importantly, fixable.

We are the company behind the world’s most advanced biosafety intelligence system, a first-of-its-kind platform that provides the continuous, quantifiable insights, detection, and support to make the most of indoor biosafety investments. By taking the guesswork out of indoor air safety initiatives, we help balance your constantly changing needs with operating costs.

As a result, our system delivers unparalleled indoor air safety, increased occupant confidence, and greater energy efficiency. The intelligence we provide helps enterprises bring together safety and sustainability in one place: your indoor workspaces and buildings.

There’s no secret to how we make it happen. We combine the very best hardware, software, biology, and data into one connected system that applies to buildings, similar to how biotech helps humans. We already have fifteen granted and pending patents (and counting) that reflect our ground-breaking approach to the world’s most pressing air safety challenges.

Our goal is to keep every organization running with confidence in the spaces where we work, live, and gather. With one million square feet already being monitored by Poppy — offices, factories, theaters, schools, airports and more — and new sites joining our network each week, we’re making a difference wherever we can.

Sam Molyneux

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Elizabeth (EC) Caley

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Our mission.

Poppy was founded in 2019, long before the coronavirus changed everything about the way we view work and the workplace. Still, our simple mission—to empower the world to stay healthy together by revealing the pathogens in our spaces—has proven to be as timely as it is ambitious.

As pandemic evolves to endemic, returning to work means creating buildings and workspaces that are infection-resistant and, ultimately, self-healing. That requires lots of quantifiable data and insights, both of which Poppy provides on a continuous basis to our customers. Because we understand that the health of our people, our businesses, and our economies depends on the health of the buildings that house all three.


Obsessed with making the great indoors safe.

Poppy comprises a team of passionate and award-winning entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers united by a vision to make the air safer, healthier, and more comfortable for everyone when they spend time indoors.  

We come from all kinds of backgrounds and companies, from Meta and Microsoft to GE Healthcare, Philips and Thermo Fisher. We hold degrees from Stanford, MIT, Yale, the University of Toronto and lots of other brilliant schools—and we’ve honed our respective crafts in the worlds of research, business, and technology.

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Real research. Real results.

Our advisors represent some of the most recognized scientists in the converging fields of infectious disease, health security, bioaerosol physics, and microbiome metagenomics of the built environment.  Together with our team, this impressive array of perspectives and expertise is what gives Poppy our edge in creating infection-resistant workplaces for everyone.

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