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air insights.

20 minutes to

Optimize HVAC performance instantly for energy savings, sustainability and occupant health.

The world's first indoor air particle tracing system.

Breakthrough solutions for every need.

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Energy Savings & Sustainability

Save 12-20% on energy costs
by managing indoor airflow.

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ASHRAE 241 Compliance

Use the fastest, most cost-effective way to comply with new building standards.


Clean Air, Healthier Occupants

Reduce sick days by 18% with
verified clean air.

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Wildfire Smoke & Indoor Air Quality 

Track indoor air pollution 24/7 caused by smoke, allergens, VOCs.

Poppy Professional Scan - 3D Airflow

Balancing the invisible.

Very few things are more dynamic than the indoor air we breathe. Each room, even parts of rooms, vary due to occupancy, season, ventilation settings—even the time of day.

  • Some areas are over-ventilated and use more energy than needed to heat, cool and circulate clean air

  • Some areas are under-ventilated and put occupants at risk of getting sick

Balance can be achieved by:

  • Natural or mechanical means (think open windows vs. HVAC settings)

  • Diluting, filtering and purifying the air (especially HEPA & MERV-13)

  • Adjusting how an area is used and by how many (a busy gym vs. quiet office)

It's hard to improve what you don't measure, so Poppy accurately measures ventilation performance.

What you get.

Empower your facilities team with daily, monthly or twice yearly insights.

Online Dashboard

  • Manage indoor air data across your property portfolio using Poppy's secure online dashboard 

  • Track results within a 3D building model, over time and in different conditions

  • Quantify the immediate impact of HVAC adjustments across 20+ metrics. See everything Poppy Measures

Energy Savings and Data-Driven Recommendations

  • Use the calculator to estimate potential energy cost savings by addressing over-ventilated areas

  • Optimize HVAC run modes (year round and flu season) using data-driven recommendations & best practices

  • Download Building Readiness Playbook for ASHRAE Standard 241 

No one has weeks or months to spare, so Poppy takes just a day or two to get results.

BreatheScore Certify

Simple steps for better air today.

1. Test


Poppy measures the airflow exchange rate using the tracer particle system while the space is occupied.
See results instantly online.

HVAC Technician on a ladder

2. Optimize


Use results and recommendations to adjust HVAC in any overventilated and underventilated areas. 

3. Re-Test


Poppy re-tests the adjusted areas and issues BreatheScore Certify status. Congrats on your balanced building!

Poppy App measuring clean airflow
Poppy Dashboard displaying Clean Air results

4. Monitor


Poppy conducts seasonal spot checks to help maintain energy savings, safety, and sustainability.


Named Poppy #5 Most
Innovative Company in 2022

How it works.

The world leader in clean airflow monitoring, Poppy's tracer particle system measures all natural and mechanical ventilation-dilution, filtration and purification with one accurate, real-time test.

After releasing safe, food-grade tracer particles into the air, Poppy sensors collect millions of data points tracking how particles move and are removed over time. Within minutes, results and recommendations are available in a secure online dashboard.​

Poppy system includes:

  • Sensor accuracy with 10% of ISO 21501 calibrated reference particle counters in all size ranges (E1, E2, E3) - mandatory for ASHRAE Standard 241 tests

  • Particle counts within 7 submicron and supramicron size bins ranging from PC0.1 to PC10

  • Food-safe tracer particle (salt & water) diffusion at known sizes

  • 3D Digital Twin capture and volumetric measurement using LiDAR

  • Automated machine learning/AI data analysis algorithm and recommendations

  • Secure Online Dashboard & Testing App, SMS or Email Alerts

  • Secure IoT wireless connected system (USB, WiFi LAN WAP/2.4gz 802.11n)

  • Building Management and Building Automation System (BMS/BAS) integrations and APIs

Poppy Sensor and Diffuser
How It Works
People inside a building talking

What Poppy monitors.

Poppy monitors the broadest range of accurate airflow and air quality measurements in a compact, affordable tracer sensor system.

  • Equivalent Clean Airflow Rate (ECAi, VECAi)

  • Effective Air Change Rate (eACH)

  • Airflow Pathways and Patterns

  • Safe Occupancy Levels

  • Wildfire Smoke Clearance Rate

  • Cigarette Smoke & Vape Events

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Air Quality Index (AQI)

  • Temperature & Humidity

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)

  • Carbon Dioxide (eCO2)

  • Particle Counts, ultrafine, fine, coarse (PC0.1-PC10)

  • Particle Mass, ultrafine, fine, coarse size (PM0.1-PM10)

Data-Driven Decisions.

Poppy's system automatically generates recommendations based on your latest results - either for humans to review, or integrated into your building management system (BMS/BAS) to trigger the best HVAC run-mode automatically.


Accurate, instant data alone doesn't move the needle, so Poppy provides hands-off energy savings. Now that moves the needle. 

The new standard.

Released in July 2023, ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers released Standard 241, the new indoor air quality standard for control of infectious aerosols in buildings. With testing protocols outlined in Appendix C, Poppy provides the only digital method to test for Standard 241.

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Certification and verification.

Use Poppy BreatheScore to test, verify and improve indoor airflow against the leading building standards.

Poppy BreatheScore is aligned with leading building sustainability certifications to help buildings achieve recognition through cleaner, healthier and more sustainable indoor air.

Poppy hardware is tested rigorously and cleared by FCC, CE and RoHS.


Monitoring clean, energy-efficient air. 

Options for every budget and building.

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BreatheScore Certify

Ventilation verification program for energy savings, standards compliance, and wellness.

Poppy Professional Scan image

Poppy Professional Scan


High resolution, 3D digital mapping of air distribution and balance for advanced HVAC diagnostics.

Poppy Kit with sensors, tripods

Poppy Kit


Subscription for portable, ready-to-use equipment and software for conducting clean air tests. 

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Get started today. 

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