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We protect our people by protecting our place.

Making the invisible visible at Diaz Reus

The indoor air we breathe can make us sick. Keeping our office safe is important to us.

That's why we've installed the Poppy System here at Diaz Reus. Poppy knows we can prevent airborne viruses by simply monitoring and improving indoor air. Poppy's system provides 24/7 monitoring for ventilation performance and airborne viruses.

Airborne Virus Monitoring

By continuously monitoring for airborne viruses that cause respiratory illness, Poppy provides additional infection-resilience by detecting the presence of harmful pathogens that impact human health.

Poppy Monitors

Poppy's indoor health technology monitors air particles and ventilation effectiveness throughout our space.

Poppy Doesn't Monitor

Poppy's system doesn't monitor and can't identify individual people, personal health conditions, or hygiene.

Expert Support

Poppy supports us 24/7 with their  team of indoor air safety experts and incident management professionals. For any type of alert, Poppy provides continuously-updated, expert-curated recommendations, cleaning and hygiene protocols, and more.

Proven Science

We work with Poppy to carefully analyze the indoor air safety of our space  and deploy the monitoring system because of their best-in-class scientific protocols, based on diagnostic-quality detection methods.

Learn more  about how Poppy makes the invisible, visible.

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