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Making the invisible visible at iQ Offices.

Our office is a Poppy monitored space. So what does that mean?

Harmful pathogens — viruses, bacteria, and molds — can be transmitted through air or surfaces, leaving an invisible mark on a space for 24 hours or more. The good news: We can and are doing something about it.


We are making our space safer by proactively scanning and mapping how pathogens would move in our space, pinpointing areas that need to be addressed (and how), before there is a problem.


We respond and mitigate quickly when there is a potential problem by monitoring for 1000+ organisms every day. This covers pathogens that can cause the flu to food-borne illnesses to COVID-19.


We've put Poppy in place as a safety measure to monitor our spaces because of their best-in-class, scientific protocols that are based on diagnostic-quality detection methods. They support us 24/7 with their expert team of incident management, and business continuity professionals. For any type of alert, Poppy provides continuously-updated, expert-curated recommendations, cleaning and hygiene protocols, and more.

Poppy Monitors

Poppy's indoor health technology monitors air particles and ventilation effectiveness throughout our space.

Real-time Monitoring Results

Poppy supports infection-resistant buildings to keep people safe. Poppy delivers sensors, software and data to know the safety of the air in any room, instantly. By tracking effective Air Changes per Hour (eACH) for airborne particles in real-time, Poppy provides us with the data to understand how long it takes to clear viruses, bacteria, and molds from the air.

Airborne Virus Monitoring

By continuously monitoring for airborne viruses that cause respiratory illness, Poppy provides additional infection-resilience by detecting the presence of harmful pathogens that impact human health.

Poppy Doesn't Monitor

Poppy's system doesn't monitor and can't identify individual people, personal health conditions, or hygiene.


Talk to us to get daily COVID-19 monitoring for your office.

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