We protect  our people

by protecting our place.

Making the invisible visible at iQ Offices.

Our office is a Poppy monitored space.
So what does that mean?

Harmful pathogens — viruses, bacteria, and molds — can be transmitted through air or surfaces, leaving an invisible mark on a space for 24 hours or more.

We protect  our people

by protecting our place.

Early warning system.

By continuously monitoring for any invisible pathogens in different zones in our workplace, Poppy can help pinpoint areas that need to be addressed (and how), well before anyone would normally know.

Individual Spaces
Bacteria, Molds, Viruses
Particles from air and surfaces
Presence of COVID-19 Virus in a Space
Individual People
Personal Hygiene
Personally Identifiable Health Conditions
A COVID-19 Positive Person

What Poppy does and does not monitor.

How are we doing?

Poppy provides a day-by-day view of the effectiveness of COVID-related measures we've put in place, including masking, self-reporting, cleaning, air circulation, and more.

Poppy never sleeps.

Poppy detects 3,000+ viruses, bacteria, and molds by continuously monitoring spaces each day. This covers pathogens that can cause the flu to food-borne illnesses to COVID-19.

Early warning = early action.

Some levels of bacteria and mold don't normally affect people's health. So Poppy continuously monitors and alerts us when a trend is headed in the wrong direction, so we can take action early.

Proven science.
Proactive protection.

We've put Poppy in place as a safety measure to monitor our spaces because of their best-in-class, scientific protocols that are based on diagnostic-quality detection methods. 

Poppy collects from our site’s air and surfaces.

Poppy processes and analyzes collections from our space.

Poppy gives alerts and
recommendations to our Poppy point person.

Expert support.

Poppy supports us 24/7 with their expert team of incident management, business continuity professionals. For any type of alert, Poppy provides continuously-updated, expert-curated recommendations, cleaning and hygiene protocols, and more.


Talk to us to get daily COVID-19 monitoring for your office.