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A 'smoke detector' for COVID-19? It's here

The Omnicron Shuffle

Mark Wilson

Nov 10, 2021

It’s obvious to anyone that the world has changed in this time, but what’s remarkable is how it has changed in such different ways in different geographies, communities and circumstances. This week, the emergence of Omicron has shuffled the cards again, with radical shifts in travel, masking mandates, occupancy restrictions, and expectations.

This simple white box can monitor your air for pathogens. Life may never be the same.

Imagine sitting at your desk when you get a Slack alert from your building manager. You’re told that, while no one appears sick, COVID-19 has been detected near your cubicle.

You calmly pack up your things and head home. Over the next few days, you get tested for COVID-19. Luckily, the results are negative. But it ends up that your manager was positive—and with a heads up, she was able to get onto antivirals before the infection worsened and someone else got sick.

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