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Partnering for safer air in schools

The Omnicron Shuffle

Elizabeth Caley (EC)

Jun 12, 2023

We're excited to announce that, following successful pilots in California, Primary.Health and Poppy are launching a new air safety program for schools. </br></br>There’s been increased momentum in setting the bar for indoor air to keep us all safe from airborne infections. Recently, the CDC released a health-based ventilation target of at least five air changes per hour, while ASHRAE is only weeks away from publishing a landmark standard for infection control in  buildings.

Poppy’s breakthrough real-time tracer particle system has proven to be a cost-effective game changer for optimizing the impact of all purification, filtration and ventilation measures in every room. Perfect for schools and every building that’s been managing their HVAC in the dark.

Learn more about our work in schools and our partnership with Primary.Health here.

View our case study here.







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