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The science of safer spaces.


Biotech built for bodies. Now applied to spaces.

The pandemic has changed everything, including the way the world addresses the biosafety of its indoor spaces. The Poppy System restores confidence in those indoor environments by leveraging proven biotechnologies that restore health in the people who work, live, and gather there.


Similar to how medical tracers track complex movement inside our body, Poppy’s tracers can track pathogen mobility inside an entertainment venue. And just as biosensors can continuously monitor the health of our bodies, the same concept can monitor the biosafety of our buildings. Genetic sequencing and molecular assays that identify organisms in a medical lab now also works for an office.

It’s cutting-edge, validated biotechnology innovation applied at a much larger scale—and in a less intrusive way. Because when we can identify the exact microbes inside our spaces, when we can track how those microbes move in the air through those spaces—not just at one point but continuously—we can take real, quantifiable, and proactive action to keep those places safe.

Restoring confidence in our indoor spaces—and all the productivity that comes with it—is a formidable task. The good news: We have assembled some of the world’s best scientists, engineers, and product thinkers with one goal in mind—to bring the best innovation out of the medical lab and into a simple system that is turnkey for any enterprise business.  


Powered by science. Driven by people.

Guided by experts in the fields of infectious disease, health security, bioaerosol physics, and microbiome metagenomics of the built environment, Poppy is helping shape the burgeoning biosafety intelligence industry.

Scientific Advisors

Innovation grounded in science.

With 15  patents (and counting) granted and pending, Poppy is firmly positioned at the forefront of the burgeoning biosafety intelligence field. Additionally, Poppy's been granted third-party certifications and awards that validate the technology’s efficacy safety, and design. 

Combined, the patent-pending innovations and certifications continue to set new standards for environmental monitoring, biosafety sensitivity, specificity, and range as we endeavor to provide science-based intelligence needed to restore confidence in indoor air.

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