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Revolutionizing Indoor Air Quality Wall Mount Monitors, Not just IAQ

The BreatheScore Monitor IAQ, wall mounted indoor air quality monitor, is revolutionizing the way we monitor indoor air quality. With its advanced technology and comprehensive features, this product stands out as the best in its class.


The BreatheScore Monitor offers a notable advantage as it has the ability to assess various air contaminants, including those released by individuals when they breathe. This means that you can gain a comprehensive view of the air in your surroundings, not solely limited to common pollutants like VOCs and chemicals. By gauging airflow in both eACH and ECA (equivalent clean air), this monitor furnishes precise and dependable information regarding the overall air quality.

The wall-mounted design of the BreatheScore Monitor is another standout feature. It allows for easy installation and ensures that the monitor covers a large area, up to 5,000 sqft, at a time. This makes it ideal for monitoring air quality in commercial buildings, residential spaces, or even vessels.

What sets the BreatheScore Monitor apart from similar products is its seamless integration with building, ship, or home management systems. This allows for instant data on controlling air flow, maintaining a safe balance of air, and optimizing the intake and movement of outdoor air to enhance sustainability.

The monitor's data flows directly to dashboards, providing real-time information on air quality. This integration allows for better control and management of indoor air quality, ensuring a healthier and safer environment for everyone.

Furthermore, the BreatheScore Monitor offers added customization options for specific needs. For instance, it can tailor to detect vape emissions, which makes it an excellent choice for establishments where vaping is a concern. Additionally, it provides indoor wildfire smoke safety, giving you peace of mind during wildfire seasons.

In conclusion, the BreatheScore Monitor IAQ, wall mount, is a game-changer in the field of air quality monitoring. For those who value clean and healthy indoor spaces, this device is the ultimate option due to its extensive capabilities in detecting and monitoring all types of air pollutants and air movement.

Featuring effortless installation by our installers, versatile integration capabilities, and additional options for personalization, this monitor is an essential addition to any location, be it a business establishment, a home, or a ship. Invest in the BreatheScore Monitor and breathe easy knowing that you have the best air quality monitoring solution at your fingertips.

BreatheScore Monitor offers you more customization and flexibility than monitors like: supco iaq50 indoor air quality monitor,


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