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Poppy BreatheScore Certify:
Reduce costs & improve sustainability by measuring what matters most.

JUNE 8, 2023 |  9:30 PST  12:30 EST

As a leader within your organization, you understand the importance of accurate, actionable data to drive informed decisions regarding safety and costs —especially when balancing and employee and tenant confidence, meeting sustainability goals, managing costs, and considering employee or occupant wellness. 


Join us on June 8th, 9:00 - 9:30 am PST/ 12:30 EST to hear howPoppy BreatheScore eliminates the guesswork of ventilation measurement with a groundbreaking monitoring technology and program helping organizations nationwide ensure adequate air health, reduce energy expenditure and spending, and quickly meet emerging building standards and ESG targets. 


During this 30-minute session, Poppy cofounders will dive into:

  • Measuring indoor air for only 20% of the cost of traditional methods

  • Improving occupant safety by 95% while meeting new building standards and ESG goals

  • Using granular data to optimize your air flow strategy and improve return-to-work confidence

  • Saving +15% on energy costs by discovering areas of over-ventilation


Save your spot today. RSVP here

Making indoor air safer for over 1 Million sqft - and counting.  


MAY 23, 2023 |  9:30 PST  12:30 EST

Thanks for registering to our webinar. See you there!

About Poppy BreatheScore Certify

Poppy BreatheScore Certify measures equivalent air changes per hour (eACH or ACHe) using a handful of portable sensors, diffusers, and an application that collects, interprets, and aggregates complex metrics into real-time data for any space or zone within your building. 


About Poppy

Poppy BreatheScore uses patented sensor technology to collect and interpret spacial airflow data in minutes, from measuring eACH to identifying over-ventilation and under-ventilation, Poppy partners with HVAC service providers and balancers to quickly uncover ways to optimize and save and assess how your customer's building or workplace aligns to new standards.

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