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Meet BreatheScore Certify:

Measure analyzed clean airflow, and deliver balanced indoor air wellness, with 15% reduced energy consumption. Meet the new ASHRAE Standard 241 and balance air for pennies per square foot.

Sep 12, 2023 |  9:00 PST  12:00 EST

As a leader within your organization, you understand the importance of accurate, actionable data about ventilation to drive informed decisions regarding wellness, safety, sustainability, and energy costs.

This webinar focuses on your building's clean air needs, how ventilation impacts both wellness and sustainability, and how it supports ASHRAE Standard 241 in measuring clean air rates. We will discuss how clean air is defined, what it is, who it impacts (all of us), as well as the impact on heating and cooling energy costs, sick days, and productivity.

If your workplace or building has not had a TAB report in the last 3 years, you will very likely need to validate that your clean airflow meets Standard 241. 

Things we will cover:

- ASHRAE Standard 241 and how it applies to ALL buildings, what makes this new standard a first-of-its-kind, how clean air is defined, and how it can be digitally measured. 

- Why 70% of Class A buildings are largely overventilated, leading to unnecessary energy costs.

- See how Poppy delivers a quick and easy validation of your clean airflow, as well as insights into areas that are over or underventilated so you can start saving.

- Insights to industry trends, based on the 10 million of square feet we have tested across US, Canada, and Europe.

Join our upcoming webinar, September 12, 2023 at 9:00 PST/ 12:00 EST to learn more about industry trends, how BreatheScore supports ASHRAE Standard 241, and the impact on your buildings and workplaces. See why Poppy's BreatheScore Certify is the fastest, easiest, most precise, and budget-friendly approach to meeting the new standard by digitally measuring clean air in buildings and workplaces without any installation.


About Poppy BreatheScore Certify

Poppy BreatheScore Certify is a breakthrough indoor air program for ASHRAE Standard 241 compliance, energy savings, and occupant wellness. 


About Poppy

Poppy makes the invisible, visible. Poppy’s real-time tracer particle system verifies the impact of all ventilation measures, helping organizations unlock savings and improve occupant health. Used by hundreds of organizations across the US, Canada, and Europe, Poppy solutions include rapid building certification, 3D professional airflow mapping, and 24/7 ventilation monitoring. 

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