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Your journey starts here: become Poppy Accredited

Lead from the front by becoming certified in the world’s first, instant, and most accurate particle tracing technology.

Poppy Accredited Professional 
Program Overview

The Poppy Accredited Professional Program is a comprehensive training and certification program designed to gives engineers the necessary skills to measure ventilation effectiveness across all building types to enhance building health and sustainability.


It covers theoretical foundations, practical applications, and advanced techniques for measuring air delivery rates with emerging particle tracer methods through online learning, hands-on training (done remotely), simulation exercises, and real-world case studies.


The curriculum also addresses relevant and emerging building standards and guidelines such as ASHRAE Standard 241.


Learn foundational concepts asynchronously 

(~20 minutes)



Watch protocol video trainings 

(1 hour)



Attend virtual session for kit set-up & practice test

(1.5 hours)



Pass written knowledge test

(~30 minutes)



Receive accreditation

(TOTAL TIME ~ 4 hours)

Program Goals

The Program aims to empower test and balance engineers with the specialized knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize tracer particle decay methods in their practice, ultimately contributing to healthier, more energy-efficient, and sustainable buildings.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of tracer particle decay methods and their application in measuring non-infectious air delivery rate metrics for building zones.

  • Develop the skills to evaluate and optimize ventilation systems accurately, ensuring compliance with guidelines and best practices.

  • Be able to identify potential issues and provide solutions for improving airborne infection control and energy efficiency in various building types through ventilation effectiveness measurements.

  • Enhance their professional credibility and marketability in the field of test and balance engineering, contributing to career advancement and increased demand for their expertise.

  • Receive an Accredited Professional Certificate, demonstrating their proficiency in utilizing tracer particle decay methods for assessing building ventilation systems.

Join the Accredited Professional community.

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Perform tests on demand with the Poppy Kit, monitor your tests, and view historic data with the BreatheScore app, see your zone level data and compare results over time.

Being a part of the Poppy Accredited Professional community provides ongoing training and professional development, kit hardware and software updates, and sales and marketing opportunities.

The company we keep.

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