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Get detailed insights on your ventilation.

Poppy Professional Scan

Digital 3D, high resolution mapping of air distribution and balance for advanced HVAC diagnostics.


BreatheScore Scan.png

Complete a building scan in 1-3 days.

  • Explore detailed 3D digital map of air patterns within rooms, between rooms, and floor-to-floor

  • Uncover over-ventilated areas & save HVAC energy costs

  • Reveal & troubleshoot areas of stagnant air, odors, negative pressure leaks

  • Validate ideal placement of purifiers and UVC treatment

  • Quantify ventilation improvement investments with before & after data

  • Select from three visualization options: 2D Floor Plan, 3D Detailed, and 3D Privacy Mode

Healthy buildings demand a 10-15% premium over other buildings.  

Time to stop assuming a perfectly mixed room.

Indoor air is incredibly dynamic, but has been impossible to see--until now. What's going on in the breathing zone versus at the vents? Why does the temperature always seem different over there? How do we troubleshoot complaints about odors? Who is most at risk of getting sick?

Poppy makes the invisible, visible.

BreatheScore Sensor and Diffuser.png

Choose how to visualize how airborne particles travel, pool, and clear over time.


Poppy tracer particle tracking reveals how air travels from A to B on your existing floorplan.


Avoid capturing any sensitive information on walls, screens or surfaces with a 3D Privacy Scan.


Explore airflow patterns in three dimensions and at full resolution to maximize visualization.

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How does particle tracking work? 

Capture unprecedented airflow dynamics

Poppy Professional Scan uses a high density sensor network to provide the industry's only real-time detailed spatial tracking of how airborne particles travel, build up, and clear over time.


Poppy Scans help facilities teams and HVAC specialists capture unprecedented spatial information about airflow and aerosol dynamics within rooms, between rooms, and floor to floor.


Each scan, rendered within a 3D digital twin can be explored in any web browser.

Monitoring clean, energy-efficient air. 

Options for every budget and building.

Poppy Certify Badge.png

Poppy Certify


Ventilation verification program for energy savings, standards compliance, and wellness.

Poppy Kit


Subscription for portable, ready-to-use equipment and software for conducting clean air tests.

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Get a quote today & get scanned tomorrow.

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