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Get insights in 20 minutes.

Poppy Certify.

Digital ventilation verification for energy savings, compliance and occupant wellness against viruses & wildfire smoke.


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Rapid tests for year-round peace of mind.

  • Validate ventilation performance against ASHRAE Standard 241-2023

  • Accurately measure the contribution of all investments in clean air with a single test

  • Uncover over-ventilated areas & reduce HVAC energy costs

  • Measure wildfire smoke protection for occupant safety

  • Use seasonal spot checks to prioritize areas for tune-ups

  • No installation, hardware purchases or maintenance required 


What you get.

Empower your facilities team with daily, monthly or twice yearly insights.

Online Dashboard

  • Manage indoor air data across your property portfolio using Poppy's secure online dashboard 

  • Track results within 3D building model, over time and different conditions

  • Quantify the immediate impact of HVAC adjustments across 20+ metrics. See everything Poppy Measures

Energy Savings and Data-Driven Recommendations

  • Use Calculator to estimate potential energy cost savings by addressing over-ventilated areas

  • Optimize HVAC run modes (year round and flu season) using data-driven Poppy recommendations & best practices

  • Download auto-populated Building Readiness Playbook for ASHRAE Standard 241 

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Accurately measure the contribution of all investments in air safety.

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Poppy Certify verifies performance against ASHRAE Standard 241-2023 for infection control and that indoor spaces have balanced ventilation for energy savings, ventilation and occupant wellness.


Poppy Certify status is awarded to indoor spaces verified to balance sustainability & occupant wellness (Standard 241).


Certify in four easy steps.

How Poppy can help a 40,000-square-foot office in four remarkably easy steps.




Day One - Test Baseline

Choose 6 to 8 key areas of your choice and schedule an Accredited Professional to run baseline tests using Poppy tracers, typically during a workday.  Results appear instantly in your own online Dashboard, displayed in a 3D model of the office if you choose.  

Day Two - Optimize Airflow and Retest 

Use clean airflow rates, air change rates, and wildfire clearance scores (VECAi, ECAi, and eACH), along with specific cost-saving and safety-improving recommendations to adjust any over- or under-ventilated areas. Poppy then retests any adjusted zones and issues your Poppy Certification.


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Next Up - Brag a Little

Your BreatheScore Certification is now good for two years! Use all the marketing assets provided to share the good news about your office.

Finally - Spot check and Track Savings 

Poppy returns to spot check when HVAC switches from heating to cooling and back again to make sure everything stays on track and you continue to save energy.  


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How does it work? What gets measured?

Breakthrough solutions for every need.

Can't improve what you don't measure.

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Energy Savings & Sustainability

Save 12-20% on energy costs
by managing indoor airflow.

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ASHRAE 241 Compliance

Use the fastest, most cost-effective way to comply with new building standards.


Clean Air, Healthier Occupants

Reduce sick days by 18% with
verified clean air.

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Wildfire Smoke & Indoor Air Quality 

Track indoor air pollution 24/7 caused by smoke, allergens, VOCs.

Monitoring clean, energy-efficient air. 

Options for every budget and building.

Poppy Professional Scan


High resolution, 3D digital mapping of air distribution and balance for advanced HVAC diagnostics.

Poppy Kit


Subscription for portable, ready-to-use equipment and software for conducting clean air tests.

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Get certified this week.

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