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Our system. Our partners. Your success.


Transforming Poppy insights into action.

Cleaning Elevator

Poppy works closely with select strategic partners to translate our intelligence into actions that restore productivity, safety, and confidence in the spaces where we live, work, and gather. We collaborate with organizations that make and manage the solutions that deliver more safety, and those who drive the healthy and smart building (and ship!) ecosystems.

Built environment solutions.

Poppy teams with organizations working to make the indoor spaces we inhabit safe, functional, and productive. Poppy provides companies with biosafety data on the impact of everything from HVAC systems, air purification and UVC units, to cleaning products and protocols—so they can optimize their interventions and calculate their ROI.


When Poppy integrates with a solution provider, our regular monitoring is uniquely calibrated to validate the efficacy of any health and safety interventions that a partner is undertaking. And any time a hotspot flares up, Poppy can detect it, our partner can take measures to mitigate it, and then Poppy can verify these actions have done the job.


Diagnostic and vaccine providers.

Poppy is partnering with human diagnostic testing and vaccine deployment organizations to add environmental monitoring as a non-invasive, low-cost complement for the communities they serve.


In addition to working with key strategic partners to optimize the safety of physical spaces, Poppy collaborates with organizations to keep the occupants of those buildings healthy.

Healthy and smart buildings.

Part of being the best choice for air  safety monitoring is being a good collaborator in the healthy building and smart building ecosystems.

Whether it’s contributing to new standards, driving industry research, or integrating with building management systems, Poppy’s committed to working together to create healthier, more advanced buildings.

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The company we keep.

Poppy's insights are the first step.
Next come expert partners who help organizations act on it. That’s why we partner with only the best.

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