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Transforming Poppy
insights into action.

Poppy works closely with select strategic partners and HVAC solution providers to translate our insights into actions that enable productivity, safety, and confidence in the spaces where we live, work, and gather.

Learn more about becoming an HVAC solution provider.

We collaborate with organizations that make and manage the solutions making buildings safer and those driving, maintaining, and enhancing innovative building ecosystems.


Built environment solution systems.

Poppy teams up with organizations that make our indoor spaces safe, efficient, and productive.

Poppy provides building owners and workplaces fast, comprehensive air health data on the impact of HVAC systems, air purification, UVC devices, and cleaning products and protocols. These insights allow them to optimize their efforts while calculating ROI and energy usage more accurately.

When partnering with a solution provider, Poppy calibrates its monitoring to each unique environment to accurately validate the efficacy of any health and safety interventions it undertakes.

The company we keep.

Poppy's insights are the first step. Next come expert partners who help organizations act on it.

That’s why we partner with only the best.

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Powering healthy and smart buildings together.

Collaboration is why we’re the best choice for air safety monitoring in healthy and intelligent building ecosystems.

Whether it’s contributing to new standards, driving industry research, or integrating with building management systems, Poppy’s committed to working together to create healthier, more advanced buildings.

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