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Exterior of a Building


Do you know where your space
is over- and under-ventilated.

Aug 22, 2023 |  9:00 PST  12:00 EST

What if we could tell you in 20 minutes, with no install, at a cost-friendly price?

Introducing BreatheScore Certify, where you can see the invisible - in actionable, comprehensive, real-time data.  

As a leader within your organization, you understand the importance of accurate, actionable data to drive informed decisions regarding wellness, safety, sustainability, and energy costs. You also understand heating and cooling is 40% of your operation costs. 

This webinar focuses on you building's clean air needs, how ventilation impacts both wellness and sustainability, and how it supports ASHRAE Standard 241 in measuring clean air rates. We will discuss how clean air is defined, what it is, who it impacts (all of us), as well as the likely impact on your operational and financial OKR/KPI data points, like air-related energy costs, indoor air wellness, sick days and productivity.

Things we will cover:

Why 70% of class A buildings (and many class B) have significant areas of over-ventilation, leading to inefficient energy use and cost.

See how Poppy delivers a quick and easy validation of your clean airflow, as well as insights into areas that are over- or under- ventilated so you can start saving.

ASHRAE Standard 241: how it applies to ALL buildings, what makes this new standard a first-of-its-kind, and how clean air is defined, and how it can be digitally measured. 


Insights to industry trends, based on the 10 million of square feet we have tested across US, Canada, and Europe

Join our upcoming webinar, August 22, 2023 at 9:00 PST/ 12:00 EST to learn more about industry trends, how BreatheScore supports ASHRAE standard 241, and the impact on your bottom line. See why Poppy's BreatheScore Certify is the fastest, easiest, most precise, and budget-friendly approach to meeting the new standard by digitally measuring clean air in buildings and workplaces, up to 5,000 sq ft without any installation.

Brought to you by your friends at Poppy 


About Poppy BreatheScore Certify

Poppy BreatheScore Certify measures equivalent air changes per hour (eACH, ACHe, and ECA) using a handful of portable sensors, diffusers, and an application that collects, interprets, and aggregates complex metrics into real-time data for any space or zone within your building. 


About Poppy

Poppy BreatheScore uses patented sensor technology to collect and interpret spacial airflow data in minutes, from measuring eACH to identifying over-ventilation and under-ventilation, Poppy partners with HVAC service providers and balancers to quickly uncover ways to optimize and save and assess how your customer's building or workplace aligns to new standards.

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