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Real-time Clean Air Testing for ASHRAE Standard 241 and ​Fully Digital Clean Air Ventilation and Filtration Measures

Poppy BreatheScore Kit:

No post analysis time. No duct connection. No fuss.

Oct 31, 2023 |  9:30 PST  12:30 EST

Introducing BreatheScore Kit for TAB and HVAC service providers, leveraging BreatheScore's fully digital, air tracer ventilation and filtration testing technology - factoring in all mechanical and natural filtration and ventilation in one simple test.

Increase your profits and learn more about Standard 241. 

With Standard 241 requiring ventilation validation you will need to reduce testing time to keep up with the demand. Digital testing is so efficient that it can validate a 10-story building and deliver results in a single day.

No paperwork. No analysis needed. We do it all for you. 


Curious about Standard 241 testing and how BreatheScore works? Get a live demo and sign up for an ebook to outline ASHRAE Standard 241 highlights and testing methods. See how you can deliver real-time eACH and ECA measures in minutes. It'll also cover how to:

Stay ahead of the competition with ASHRAE Standard 241 education for your customers, and your teams. Know the answers before you get asked. 


Live demo of how our system works, and how you can incorporate it into your business and get eACH, ECA, and VECAi data for 5,000 sqft in minutes. 


Leverage service provider kits and Poppy BreatheScore Accreditation Program (included with BreatheScore Kits) to maximize your profits and build talent. Easy comprehensive zone level data and reports on your device in minutes. 


The new ASHRAE Standard 241 released last month will have a dramatic impact on your business. Be informed and ready to scale with Poppy. 

Sign up today and get our special promotional offer. 


Get more money in your pocket for every test.


We look forward to keeping your teams up to speed on all the recent changes to building standards, testing methods, and industry news.  

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