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Earn top marks with healthy, efficient, and sustainable classrooms.

In just 20 minutes, the Poppy System measures how air flows in your classroom, nurses office, etc. so you can optimize for health, sustainability, and meet the ASHRAE Standard 241 requirements with ease. 

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Safer classrooms start with Poppy.

​Poppy’s air tracer technology sets the standard for accurately measuring indoor air clearance in classrooms, cafeterias, and anywhere students gather. Our award-winning sensors measure complex environmental data in real time so schools can optimize indoor air, reduce sick days, and keep classrooms confident and thriving.

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​Quick, precise, and cost-effective, schools of all sizes can get building-level insights into airflow without lengthy inspections, manual calculations, and spec sheet assumptions. 


The result? Healthier and more sustainable and efficient classrooms.


No installations or massive budgets—just a fast, accurate, and digital way to measure indoor air changes and meet building health standards.


Poppy technology is empowering schools nationwide.

When Oakland schools were challenged with improving air health with a limited budget and without HVAC overhauls, they partnered with Poppy for expertise in air health measuring and monitoring.

Each school in the program improved indoor air health to a level equivalent to wearing an N-95 mask, drastically reducing virus exposure, transmission, and risk—without any upgrades to the schools’ HVAC systems.


Now, the pilot program is expanding to improve classroom air health across the country.


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Let’s bring together building health and classroom success.

Healthy indoor spaces underpin student success, community health, and faculty confidence. Poppy connects the two with real-time data to inform occupant health decisions and reduce energy costs.

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Ensure health and safety

Balance your air change rate and prevent airborne risks, resulting in lower absenteeism, less community transmission, and more productive learning environments. 

Reduce costs and meet budget constraints

Uncover your ventilation blindspots to improve indoor air health while reducing overspending and energy costs.

Promote faculty, student, and parent confidence

Demonstrate your commitment to healthy learning environments with real-time air change data, actionable insights, and metrics, proving your efforts are working.

Increase Community
Health and Wellness

Clean airflow in classrooms and school buildings is known to reduce viral transmission, data now shows the impact to families with school age children and the impact to the community, as well as adult and children's sick days - increasing clean airflow in schools has a direct impact in family wellness, reliance, and stability. 


In a recent year long study of 166,000 households with school age children (under 18), "70% of adult infections originated from school age children".

During school holidays, spring & winter breaks the percentage of child based transmission dropped as low as 41%.

During school season, child based transmission reached a high of 84% (adult infections originating from child infection). 



Getting started with Poppy at your school



Take a 20-minute call to determine ideal outcomes, examine standards, and dive into objectives and KPIs. 




Schedule your testing day and determine the areas you want to begin testing. Start this week. 

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Watch the data roll in on your test day. Use real-time insights to adjust, retest, and optimize.

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Achievement unlocked! Confidently promote safety, sustainability, savings, and speed after optimization. 

BreatheScore Monitor

Constant monitoring of clean air rates, levels of occupant safety, and additional options of VOC monitoring and specialized monitoring for indoor levels of wildfire smoke, vape detection and other contaminants.  

BreatheScore Certify

Meet ASHRAE Standard 241 and gain insight into building and campus over-ventilation and under-ventilation. Verified seasonally to ensure year round optimization and ventilation security. 

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