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Poppy Kit for HVAC Professionals

Portable tracer particle testing kit for energy savings, compliance and occupant wellness against viruses & wildfire smoke. 

Get fast, actionable results.

Run fast, accurate, clean airflow rate and air change rate tests. 

  • Help your customers discover energy cost savings in overventilated areas

  • Identify underventilated areas to adjust for ASHRAE 241 compliance and occupant wellness

  • Get fast, actionable results and recommendations while onsite

  • Measure Clean Air Delivery (ECAi, VECAi) and Air Change Rate (eACH)

  • Score the building's Wildfire Smoke Clearance rate

  • Quantify the impact of your services and products with before/after tests

  • Run a single test to measure the contribution of all natural and mechanical ventilation, filtration and purification in a room's breathing zone

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Everything a Field Tech Needs.

Each Kit comes with all you need to run tests independently including software, to deliver results to your customers, and be on point with ASHRAE 241. 

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Streamlined Tests.
Automated Results.

Set up in minutes, use the Poppy App to start the test, and let the system do its magic. 

Share the results instantly via the online Poppy Dashboard, Energy Savings Estimator, and Data-Driven Recommendations with your customers.

Results include Air Change Rates, Clean Air Delivery Rates, and Wildfire Smoke Clearance Scores (ECAi, VECAi, eACH).

Download ASHRAE Standard 241-2023 Test Results for your customers' Building Readiness Plan.

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How does it work? What gets measured?

The new standard is here.
The time is now. 

Be prepared to answer questions about ASHRAE Standard 241 - how to test, what customers need to know, and how to help them prepare. Ensure you are delivering on your customers changing needs and priorities. 

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Need training for you and your team? Not a problem. 

Our virtual training program provides flexibility for your teams, along with live experts to support you and enable your success. 

The BreatheScore Accredited Professional (BAP) Program is a comprehensive training and certification program designed for HVAC and TAB (test and balance) engineers to enhance their understanding of tracer particle decay methods.


As a BreatheScore Accredited engineer you will gain expertise in applying tracer methods to measure zone-by-zone air delivery rate metrics, provide clear definitions for terms such as equivalent air change rate (eACH), effective clean air rates (ECAi), and equivalent airflow per person and per floor area. 

Our continuous education program extends your learning with discussions, articles and panels with leading experts. 

Monitoring clean, energy-efficient air. 

Options for every budget and building.

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Poppy Certify

Ventilation verification program for energy savings, standards compliance, and wellness.

Poppy Professional Scan


High resolution, 3D digital mapping of air distribution and balance for advanced HVAC diagnostics.

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Order a kit today. Start testing tomorrow.

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