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As humans, we spend 90% of our life inside. Poppy measures, validates, and ensures the safety of the over 11,000 liters of indoor air we breathe daily. 

We help companies with a comprehensive, proactive approach to ensuring indoor health.

Indoor health is the present and future.

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How do you fix a problem you can’t see?

Measure it. 

Very few things are more dynamic than the air we breathe indoors. Occupancy, ventilation settings—even the time of day—can cause room-by-room variation in indoor air quality and influence the presence of potentially harmful airborne pathogens.

Poppy’s breakthrough particle tracing technology can granularly measure how these variations affect air health and provide detailed insights into how to optimize each space for maximum safety and sustainability.

The Technology

Counting is easy—but measuring how something travels, combines, interacts with many variables, and dissipates within a space is a bit complicated. Especially when repeating this process across various environments, each with unique sizes and uses.


Poppy’s BreatheScore environmental measurement system solves these complexities with a patented nebulizer and sensor technology. Mimicking the natural height and velocity of human breath, Poppy nebulizers release “bar-coded” particles containing information about the nebulizer it came from, when it was released, and other attributes.


Poppy sensors detect these particles and capture the information (millions of data points) needed to generate accurate, real-time air exchange rate (ACH/eACH/ECA) data.

The BreatheScore system is the most advanced, accurate, and fast way to capture and process this data, complete with a real-time application and digital dashboard.

The speed and efficiency of our technology allow you to cost-effectively collect data and optimize performance at scale.


Traditional ventilation monitoring is labor extensive, time-consuming, and typically costs 5x that of Poppy while providing less-than-optimal data and insights.

BreatheScore Technology Air tracer Salt Based system for Clean Air testing

The Poppy difference

Poppy products are custom-tailored to your environments, providing a granular level of value at every turn, from meeting ESG goals to reducing costs.

Most (70%) of the of the buildings we test have building zones, floors, and rooms that need to be adjusted due to over-ventilation (inefficient) or under-ventilation (poor airflow performance). Both cases lead to challenges, including rising energy costs, poor indoor health, occupant health risks, and sustainability.


Once tested, you’ll uncover how to optimize your space to meet wellness, efficiency, and ESG targets.


Typically, we perform multiple rounds of testing, partnering with your organization to identify problem areas, make adjustments, and ensure your ventilation goals are met throughout the process.

Your success delivered. 


Most customers have increased their HVAC usage to feel confident about occupant health and indoor air safety. However, with accurate data about how the air in a space is refreshed, our customers can maintain the perfect balance of indoor health and efficiency while meeting new building standards and ESG targets.

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We developed this system with a holistic, proactive approach so you can balance safety, sustainability, and budget.

By testing and certifying thousands of buildings, we have learned that most have blindspots where safety and efficiency could be improved. BreatheScore delivers up to 18% HVAC energy savings while ensuring air remains healthy and risk remains low.

IAQ Monitor for Indoor Air Monitoring in real-time with air wellness
BreatheScore Certify and BreatheScore Monitoring are built on the world's most advanced air performance system. It provides seasonal and continuous insights to show how you've optimized your spaces to meet building standards and be more infection-resistant while increasing occupant confidence, prioritizing sustainability, and lowering energy costs. 
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"Indoor air quality is one of the single most important tools to fight airborne infectious diseases... and should be at the center of how we design and manage buildings."

Dr. Alondra Nelson, White House, Deputy Director of  the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), April 2022
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Partnerships and
knowledge sharing

Improving indoor health and human wellness is a massive undertaking, with countless experts taking innovative approaches and modalities to make the spaces we inhabit safer.


Poppy’s air measurement and quantification technology partners seamlessly with these businesses whose products enhance indoor safety to strengthen the expertise and ecosystem of effective, complete health solutions.

The Poppy BreatheScore System


human breath
at scale.

Poppy’s BreatheScore Certify system focuses on your indoor environment's efficiency, safety, and sustainability.  

How it works​

Nebulizers release safe air tracer particles to digitally trace the paths and measure how long it takes the air particles to dissipate.

The Poppy platform analyzes and delivers detailed insights on air safety, cleaniless  and performance against standards, as well as potential cost savings, and actions to increase safety.


Make the
invisible 3D.

For high-priority spaces, Poppy's system provides detailed, 3D tracking of how airborne pathogens travel, pool, and clear over time.

Transmission pathways

Validate the effectiveness of the investments in indoor pathogen safety such as air filtration, fresh air dilution, masking, cleaning, etc.

Hotspots and over-ventilation zones

Uncover unexpected areas where airborne viruses pool and would otherwise be missed along with over-ventilated areas where heating & cooling costs can be safely recouped.

Integrate with building systems

Use Poppy's integrations with Building Management Systems to view and automate across your entire portfolio of buildings.

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