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Wildfire smoke & indoor air quality.

Wildfires caused the world's worst indoor air quality in 2023. How well does your building clear smoke and indoor air pollution?

Make sure you're ready for 2024.

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How dangerous is wildfire smoke and polluted indoor air?

  • Wildfire smoke is more toxic than equal doses of ambient pollution 

  • Smoke inhalation can exacerbate cardiovascular disease, including strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and atrial fibrillation

  • Coarse particles (PM5-10) can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat 

  • Fine and ultrafine particles (PM2.5 and smaller) are more dangerous because they can get into the deep parts of your lungs and into your blood

References: CDC, EPA, ASHRAE, Nature, PNAS.

90% of our time is spent indoors

5X worse indoor air quality than outdoor air pollution

4M yearly deaths caused by indoor air

Wildfire impact on indoor air.

  • Canadian wildfires in 2023 caused the world’s poorest air quality for 100M+ Americans

  • 2023 wildfires burned 12X the 10-year average area

  • 1 in 7 Americans experienced dangerous indoor air quality in 2021 and 2023

  • Indoor particulate matter triples (3X) on wildfire days, even with closed buildings

References: CDC, EPA, ASHRAE, Nature, PNAS.

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Get wildfire-ready this week.

Measure and monitor.

Achieving a smoke-safe building is as easy as:

  1. Validate the building's HVAC system can clear 99% of fine and ultrafine particles (0.1 to 2.5 microns) in 60 mins or less.

  2. Monitor 24/7 for smoke infiltration, through doors and windows, outdoor air dampers and economizers, and alert facilities teams when nearing EPA guidelines.

  3. Track other IAQ measures for fluctuations including indoor Air Quality Index, temperature, humidity, pressure, VOCs, CO2, particle count (PC), and particle mass (PM).


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Interested in how it works?

What Poppy monitors.

Poppy monitors the broadest range of accurate airflow and air quality measurements in a compact, affordable tracer sensor system.

  • Equivalent Clean Airflow Rate (ECAi, VECAi)

  • Effective Air Change Rate (eACH)

  • Airflow Pathways and Patterns

  • Safe Occupancy Levels

  • Wildfire Smoke Clearance Rate

  • Particle Counts, ultrafine, fine, coarse (PC0.1-PC10)

  • Particle Mass, ultrafine, fine, coarse size (PM0.1-PM10)

Data-Driven Decisions.


We know accurate, instant data alone doesn't move the needle. Poppy's system automatically generates recommendations based on your latest results - either for humans to review, or integrated into your building management system (BMS/BAS) to trigger the best HVAC run-mode automatically.


Hands-off every savings—now that moves the needle.

Optimizing clean air. 

Options for every budget and building.

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Poppy Certify

Ventilation verification program for energy savings, standards compliance, and wellness.

Poppy Monitor


Installed IoT sensors to track wildfire smoke, smoking, vaping & indoor air quality.

Poppy Professional Scan


High resolution, 3D digital mapping of air distribution and balance for advanced HVAC diagnostics.

Poppy Kit


Subscription for portable, ready-to-use equipment and software for conducting clean air tests. 

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Get started today.

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