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Poppy Monitor for Smoke & IAQ

Continuous monitoring of air quality and safety with an installed Poppy sensor system.

Get actionable insights in real-time.

Monitor performance and indoor air quality 24/7.

  • Track indoor air quality for harmful chemicals and particles that affect asthma, allergies, respiratory illnesses, and occupant wellness

  • Monitor for wildfire smoke infiltration and clearancE

  • Track detailed, accurate particle count data across full range of sizes (PM0.1 - PM10), including detection of harmful submicron particles

  • Manage access across your buildings, or integrate into your buildings management system (BMS/BAS)

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What you get.

Empower your Facilities team with real-time IAQ insights.

Accurate, Durable IOT Sensors

  • Install small discrete, low-voltage sensors to cover 1000+ sqft

  • Connect securely using WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet

Secure Online Dashboard

  • Manage indoor air performance data across your property portfolio using Poppy's online dashboard 

  • Configure alerts for Wildfire, Cigarette Smoke & Vaping

  • Track 20+ Indoor Air Quality metrics across your property portfolio. See everything Poppy Measures

Building Management System Integration

  • View indoor air performance data across your property portfolio within your BMS/BAS

  • Automate HVAC system actions based on real-time IAQ measurements 

  • Use out-of-the-box integrations or customize using Poppy APIs

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Prepare for wildfire season today.

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Smart Sensors.
Actionable Results.

What makes these little sensors stand above the crowd? It's all about counting.

Typical air quality sensors measure particle mass and estimate how many particles the air contains at different sizes. Works well for larger particles and greater concentrations, but not so well for the important small particles.  

Poppy takes the opposite approach. The patented sensors opto-electrically count the number of particles, even the ones less than a micron in size.

That doesn't just make Poppy more accurate, it lets us do things other sensors can't -- like distinguishing between cigarette smoke and hairspray, or vaping and deodorant.

Monitoring clean, energy-efficient air. 

Options for every budget and building.

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Poppy Certify

Ventilation verification program for energy savings, standards compliance, and wellness.

Poppy Professional Scan


High resolution, 3D digital mapping of air distribution and balance for advanced HVAC diagnostics.

Poppy Kit


Subscription for portable, ready-to-use equipment and software for conducting clean air tests.

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Go live with air quality monitoring this week.

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