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Rolling out the red carpet for the industry’s first & only real-time air tracer testing technology

BreatheScore Certify measures the cleanliness of shared indoor air in buildings, workplaces, and many other settings with a scalable, cost-effective, AHRAE Standard 241 compliant digital testing system and certification program to maintain clean, healthy indoor air for all environments.

As the innovators of the world’s first automated, real-time air monitoring system, the release of BreatheScore Certify marks another milestone for us here at Poppy—and the timing couldn’t be better with ASHRAE Standard 241 published.

For context, Standard 241 was written by ASHRAE and requested by the White House to create standards for indoor air health and cleanliness. It was developed to reduce the risk of transmission of airborne diseases in buildings. BreatheScore Certify simplifies many complex validation, reporting, and preparation activities needed by building owners and workplaces.

A multi-tiered certification program (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) validated by the Poppy system, BreatheScore will help buildings not only meet Standard 241 but it will also help schools, medical facilities, and commercial and residential buildings of all types drastically reduce the spread of airborne diseases like Influenza and COVID.

What is BreatheScore Certify?

BreatheScore Certify is a first-of-its-kind digital testing for indoor air safety and cleanliness, measuring the amount of time needed to clear exhaled air from spaces based on the function of the space, number of occupants, and size. BreatheScore data empowers building owners, workplaces, and businesses to optimize indoor air cleanliness, energy costs, and a tiered level of safety, confidence, and ongoing evaluation with BreatheScore certification.

This product is the market’s most accurate, cost-effective, and rapid way to measure ventilation performance and verify your building to ASHRAE Standard 241 and BreatheScore’s Silver, Gold, or Platinum tiers for indoor air health and risk reduction.

BreatheScore Certify includes zone-level measures for clean airflow, delivering real-time eACH (effective air changes per hour), ECA (equivalent clean air), and Occupancy Safety Limits (aka Occupancy Targets) data to measure, validate, and optimize seasonally. BreatheScore Certify also provides dashboard views, comparisons, reporting, certification decals, and promotional assets to highlight your corporate values and differentiation.

What is the Poppy System?

Poppy’s tracer particle and sensor system measures the effectiveness of all ventilation sources (natural or mechanical), purifiers, and filters with unmatched accuracy. Tests can be completed in 20 minutes or less for zones as large as 5,000 sq ft. The collected data provides facilities teams with actionable insights such as target occupancy levels, over-ventilation (highlights energy savings in heating, cooling, and air movement), and areas needing HVAC optimization to reach minimum levels of Standard 241 safety. The Poppy BreatheScore system also includes 3D building-level ventilation tracing for diagnostics, as well as monitoring products that provide 24/7 real-time insights.

BreatheScore Certify is the only digital measuring system available.

“At Poppy, we’ve created a highly accurate and reliable solution that’s accessible to all buildings, budgets, and environments… Within a day, we can assess a large building with no interruptions to daily work, productivity, or building operations. Historically this level of insight required high degrees of manual labor, time, and financial resources. Our solution scales to meet the needs of building owners, workplaces, and sustainability leaders worldwide.”
— Sam Molyneux, co-CEO and co-founder of Poppy

BreatheScore Certify ensures safe, efficient, and sustainable clean air efforts.

With indoor air responsible for nearly 60% of respiratory infection transmissions, Standard 241 is great news for all industries. It sets requirements for the amount of clean air that must be provided in a type of space per occupant. This lowers the risk of airborne virus transmission in all buildings—from offices and schools to retail spaces and apartments, equalizing indoor air health and risk. BreatheScore Certify is a way to validate that your spaces meet Standard 241 and includes ventilation spot-checks to help facilities maintain safe and cost-efficient operations regardless of the season and occupancy rates.

“Over 70% of Class A buildings are largely over-ventilated, and yet they are often ridden with undetected, under-ventilated hotspots that can lead to pathogen spread.”
— Elizabeth Caley, co-CEO and co-founder of Poppy

Over-ventilation has been shown to occur in about 70% of all Class A buildings and can have a significant impact on building operations budgets, sustainability, and safety.

Over-ventilation can lead to higher and unnecessary energy costs from heating and cooling, missed sustainability goals, and areas of under-ventilation (instances where airflow is not changed adequately, pools, and stagnates) greatly increase the risk of disease transmission. Over 40% of a building's operational cost is the HVAC system; by finding out where over-ventilation occurs, you can more optimally balance safety and sustainability by reducing unneeded heating, cooling, and air removal.

Available now, BreatheScore Certify is the most cost-effective ventilation verification product.

Starting at $149/month, Poppy has already partnered with organizations across North America, including Primary.Health who has launched a new air safety program for schools across the U.S. to ensure that they provide the cleanest air possible for their students and staff.

The clean air revolution is here!

Let's talk about how to get you ready.

Remember, traditional testing and balancing processes can take extended time and effort, find out how your HVAC or TAB provider can become a BreatheScore Accredited Professional, or schedule with a Poppy engineer to visit your location today.

BreatheScore Certify helps buildings of all sizes to quickly validate their ventilation performance and safety while uncovering inefficient, diagnosing problems or potentially unhealthy blindspots. We enable building owners and operators to make the necessary changes to improve health and lower costs.

Get a free demo and learn more about indoor air today.


About Poppy.

Poppy uses patented sensor technology to collect and interpret spatial airflow data in minutes, from measuring clean airflow to identifying over-ventilation and under-ventilation. Poppy partners with building owners, facility managers, and companies to quickly uncover ways to optimize, save energy costs, and align to new standards.


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