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High resolution 3D airflow visualization.

Add an airflow visualization study for total visibility to your building airflow, cross flows and leaks. No building size, range, or setup is too complex—just provide the floor plan, and we’ll bring the equipment and do the rest.

BreatheScore Professional Scan - an add-on to the BreatheScore Certification for HVAC AC air flow visuals, measures and 3D view. 

​Poppy BreatheScore Professional Scan helps facilities teams and HVAC specialists capture unprecedented spatial information about a/c airflow distribution patterns and aerosol dynamics within rooms, between rooms, and floor-to-floor. Using single molecule barcoded tracers, individual particles are tracked over space and time across indoor spaces and through air systems.

Explore and understand your building's air distribution in detail using Poppy’s 3D views.

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Building or floor level airflow visualization for diagnostics and balancing of high-priority spaces, Poppy's system provides detailed air visualizer with digitalized air flow and distribution tracking. Showing how air particles like exhaled breath, odors, smoke, and contaminates travel, pool, and clear over time.


Validate the effectiveness of investments in indoor pathogen safety, such as air filtration, fresh air dilution, cleaning, etc. 


Use Poppy's integrations with Building Management Systems to view and automate across your entire portfolio of buildings.


Uncover unexpected areas where air particles stagnate and pool, along with overventilated areas where heating & cooling costs can be safely recouped.

Healthy buildings
demand a 10-15%
premium over
other build

BreatheScore Professional Scan

How we capture unprecedented airflow and aerosol dynamics

Poppy BreatheScore Professional Scan uses a research grade high-density sensor network to provide detailed spatial tracking of how infectious aerosols travel, build up, and clear over time.


Mimicking human breath patterns and height ranges, BreatheScore System nebulizers release tracer particles into the air. These particles travel across rooms, floors, and entire buildings.


BreatheScore Professional Scan measures, monitors, and captures this movement as it reaches a connected network of BreatheScore System testing sensors. There, data is captured, providing insights and measures to quantify how quickly breath expelled from one location is scattered, mixed, dissipated, and cleared (replaced with equivalent clean air). 

Your customized report allows you to diagnose and gain pinpoint insights to systemic or new challenge areas. Easily determine where problematic air flow originates from and understand why specific areas have low ventilation. 

BreatheScore Professional Scan helps to answer why—while BreatheScore Certify allows you to see the where and what. 

Insights to increase visibility and efficiency

A particle tracer system using Poppy sensors and nebulizers to reveal clearance rates and in-room & cross-room paths and hotspots. 


On-site, real-time sensors

  1. Poppy nebulizers release unique, identifiable tracers from multiple locations 

  2. Poppy sensors collect tracers from all nebulizers 

  3. Sensor data is sequenced using NGS and machine learning algorithms

  4. Data is rendered on 2D Floor plans and  data is mapped to your building areas


3D Scanning

  1. A high resolution (Matterport) or rapid (Polycam) digital twin is created for each space

  2. Data is automatically rendered into a 3D model

  3. Findings are presented to customer using 3D modeling visual, heatmap data, and customized action plans

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30% savings on ventilation energy costs.

For buildings, floors, or large zones, find out where your risk and costs are hiding.

Using single molecule barcoded tracers, individual particles are tracked over space, using a highly sensitive system of nebulizers and sensors to mimicking human breath,  making pathways visible, and measuring hourly air changes.

Explore and understand your air distribution in detail using BreatheScore Certify and BreatheScore Professional. 

Let's talk about how 3D visualization can help you.

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