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air insights. 

air insights.

20 minutes to

No installations, no massive budget approvals, no long projects—just instant, accurate particle tracers to measure air flow in all your buildings.

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Over 70% of Class A buildings over-ventilate (many by 2x).

Why not just turn it down?


Even if over-ventilation occurs in only a portion of the building, any adjustments mean accepting unknown risks throughout it. 


Without capturing air change data, it’s impossible to locate over- or under-ventilated areas—impacting sick days, occupancy, productivity, cost, and well-being.


Without data, most organizations over-ventilate to cover risk, resulting in unnecessary energy, maintenance, and sustainability costs. 


Knowing your comprehensive ventilation scores (eACH and EOA) across all spaces reveals opportunities for savings without compromising health and safety measures.

Empower your space with confidence.

How does your building stack up?

Learn about how knowing your Air Change Rate can help you save money and increase safety. 

Let’s bring together building health & business success.

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From company values to corporate budgets, people and revenue underpin your success. Poppy connects the two with real-time data to inform occupant health decisions and reduce energy costs.

Ensure Health and Safety


Balance your air change rate and prevent airborne risks, resulting in fewer sick days, less transmission, greater productivity and higher occupancy.

Reduce Costs


Uncover your ventilation blindspots to reduce overspending and energy costs.

Promote Brand and Meet Standards


Ensure your building and workplace complies with standards, show your commitment to ESG, occupant satisfaction and sustainability goals.

Getting started with Poppy

"Poppy is an important precursor to a new era of building-based hygiene."


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A 20-minute call to determine ideal outcomes, examine standards, and dive into objectives and KPIs. 




Schedule your testing day and determine the areas you want to begin testing. Start this week. 




Watch the data roll in on your test day. Use real-time insights to adjust, retest, and optimize.




Achievement unlocked! You have optimized your spaces and can confidently promote safety, sustainability, savings, and speed.

Measuring the efficacy of your ventilation is the first step towards saving time and money without compromising health and wellness. Using state-of-the-art air tracer technology, Poppy's BreatheScore Certify program empowers meaningful, data-driven decisions about a building, regardless of age, construction, function, or size. 


​During the certification process, you’ll uncover where air is pooling, where air is flowing or blocked, and where clean air mixes with not-so-clean air. Your target vs. actual eACH data will give you the confidence to optimize ventilation flow with HVAC, portable purifiers and other mitigation strategies.


Give your team the data needed to improve building air quality, efficiency, and safety—as well as the confidence to answer the most important question:

 "How do you know it's safe?"


For less than 20% of the cost of manual ventilation testing, (which takes weeks to get results) BreatheScore Certify gives you the data you need - instantly.


Best of all, results are delivered and validated in real time, so you can easily adjust, retest, and optimize.

Why certify?

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What do I get?

Dashboard & Benchmarks 

  • Track each zone’s Air Change Rate over time, referencing you team's configuration notes and scenario. 

  • Measure the immediate impact of HVAC adjustments and improvements.

Energy Savings Calculator & Ventilation Playbook 

  • Best practice guide to improve out-of-target rooms or floors.

  • Calculate energy cost savings by addressing over ventilated areas.

Communications & Promotion Package 

  • Showcase commitment to health, safety, climate and RTW with third party safety verification.

  • Use press release templates, digital badges, and social media asses to promote your certification.

Decal & Room Activity Guides 

  • Display your Silver, Gold, Platinum or Certified status in the buildings.

  • Highlight room-by-room safety with interactive online activity guides for occupants.

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Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 7.10.01 PM.png

You're in good company. 


When you're responsible for a space, you have a responsibility for the safety and well-being of the people within it. Poppy has helped instill a sense of security amongst our team as we return to the places we collaborate and create.


Joe Kirk

Executive Vice President

Poppy's proprietary technology and protocols provide advanced detection and safety measures that are unmatched in our industry. The team at Poppy are an absolute pleasure to work with. 



Kane Willmott

Co-Founder and CEO

As early leaders in the green building movement, we see the value created by having a third-party validation of our efforts. Our Poppy reports help validate our indoor air quality and safety.



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Katie Rothenberg

Vice President Sustainability

Measure a zone (up to 5,000 sqft) in just 20 minutes, get instant results on our app (we don't make you wait weeks). 

Certify with seasonal testing, or choose the cadence that works for you, including continuous data with installed sensors.

The Poppy difference.

Poppy's patented air tracer technology sets the standard for measuring indoor air clearancefast, accurate and efficientproviding the most direct way to measure all passive and mechanical systems in place. Our award-winning sensors analyze complex  environmental data in real time, providing precise air change rates (eACH, EOA) and IAQ measurements for any indoor space.

Historically, this process has been done with lengthy technician inspections, manual calculations, and spec sheet assumptions—taking weeks to get building-level results. Our technology allows you to understand all the variables and design the air flow that works for you with a fast, efficient, cost-effective solution.

Certification shows the results of your work and increases satisfaction with employees, tenants, and the community.

Save money, time,

and energy. 

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