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20 minutes to

Real time ASHRAE Standard 241 testing, measure rate of clean indoor airflow confidently. No installations, massive budget approvals, or long projects—just instant, accurate air particle tracers to measure clean airflow and air quality in all your commercial buildings and workplaces.

Visual representation of particle tracers showing airflow patterns in a building.

The first and only system with real-time air analysis, providing digital ventilation verification and visualization results on-demand or 24/7. 

Delivering clean air analysis and measures - fast, accurate, and cost-friendly. 

Backbone of commercial clean air programs for clean air balance, ideal for zones, floors, entire buildings, clean rooms, classrooms, etc.  Supports diagnostics for airflow room testing for clean and air balanced HVAC indoor air. 


Over 70% of Class A buildings over-ventilate (many by 2x).

Why not just turn it down? Building air safety testing lets you know where to turn it down. 


Without capturing air change data, it’s impossible know if the air is clean, adheres to indoor air quality standards, of has an adequate ECA (equivalent clean airflow rate), or where over- or under-ventilated areas exist to reduce risk and increase resilience. This lack of data impacts sick days, occupancy, productivity, cost, and well-being.


Without data, most organizations over-ventilate to cover risk, resulting in unnecessary energy, maintenance, and sustainability costs. 


Knowing your comprehensive ventilation scores equivalent air changes per hour and equivalent clean air rates (eACH and ECA) across all spaces reveals opportunities for a/c balance savings without compromising health and safety measures in indoor environments.

Empower your space with confidence.

All buildings need clean air quality IAQ and wellness.

How does your building air change rate stack up?

Learn how BreatheScore Certify and BreatheScore Professional Scan delivered 30% more healthy classrooms, and 2x air changes per hour

Let’s bring together indoor air health & business success.

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From company values to corporate budgets, people and revenue underpin your success. Poppy connects the two with real-time air analysis data to inform occupant health decisions and reduce energy costs.

Ensure Air Health and Safety


Balance your air change rate and prevent airborne risks for fewer sick days, less risk of transmission, greater productivity, and higher occupancy. 

Reduce Ventilation Energy Costs


Uncover your over-ventilation blindspots and reduce overspending, heating and cooling of ventilation you don't need wastes energy and your budget. 

Meet ASHRAE Standard 241 +

Ensure your building and workplace complies with ASHRAE Standard 241 (also known as ASHRAE 241p), and other air and sustainability related measures . Show your commitment to ESG, occupant satisfaction, carbon reduction, indoor air quality and sustainability goals.



Building clean air testing and ventilation verification support ASHRAE 241 compliance and indoor air safety.




Real-time clean air test data at the particle level enables energy-saving ventilation adjustments, cutting HVAC energy use (ac air flow) by 20%, enhancing sustainability, and reducing your carbon footprint.

We partner with HVAC providers using sensor-derived data for precise A/C balance services. AC Air Flow data optimizes airflow for healthier indoor environments, meeting industry standards.


Our comprehensive program prioritizes clean, safe air in your building, lab, vessels, workplace, or schools. Expertise in indoor air and clean air room programs addresses stagnant air areas, aiding COVID air detection.

Old and new building all need to comply with ASHRAE Standard241Diverse group of building managers discussing indoor air quality solutions.
Finding over and under-ventilalted in a building requires new digital technology that has lab grade percision to test against ASHRAE Standard 241, 90.1 and CDC regulations
Time is critical as you look to optimize indoor air, sick days and energy savings need to be optimized for savings today. Measure indoor air health
Clean air testing with advanced air tracer, air monitor & sensor technology measures up to 5,000 sqft in minutes, instant results for real-time or on-going clean air verification, validation, and optimization.

Get clean air test data and HVAC balance insights into your space, see where your under-ventilated and over-ventilated, test air cleanliness (factoring in airflow, filtration, and air cleaning) using ASHRAE Standard 241 approved air tracer dilution method and dramatically reduce your cost of air quality testing.

BreatheScore data plugs into your Standard 241 BRP (building readiness plan), IRMM (risk management mode) planning, and air safety program. From a building's design or major renovations validate your indoor environment and air system design from the start and across the life of your building.  

Building air safety testing Illustration of data collection from different spaces within a building.
Comparison of over-ventilating and optimally adjusted ventilation systems.

The Poppy air difference.

Poppy's patented air tracer technology and fully digital clean air testing sets the standard for measuring indoor air clearance quickly, accurately, and efficiently, measuring all passive and mechanical systems in place. Our award-winning sensors analyze complex environmental data in real-time, providing precise air change rates (eACH, ECA) and IAQ measurements for any indoor space.

Historically, this process (a/c balance or ac air flow balance) has been done with manual technician inspections, lengthy calculations, and spec sheet assumptions—taking weeks to get building-level results. Our clean air testing technology allows you to understand all the variables and design the airflow pattern that works for you. 

Certification shows the results of your work and increases satisfaction with employees, tenants, and the community.

Save money, time,

and energy. 

Reduce the cost of air quality testing and get energy and HVAC system savings.

Let's get started answering your questions today. 

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Getting started with Poppy

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20-minute call to determine ideal outcomes, examine standards, and dive into objectives and KPIs. 

Clock icon Most time efficent building air quality measurement solution for clean air



Schedule your testing day and determine the areas you want to begin testing. Start this week. 

Icon graph watch you wellness and sustanability climb daily



Watch the data roll in on your test day. Use real-time insights to adjust, retest, and optimize.

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Achievement unlocked! Confidently promote safety, sustainability, savings, and speed after optimization. 

You're in good company. 



When you're responsible for a space, you have a responsibility for the safety and well-being of the people within it. Poppy has helped instill a sense of security amongst our team as we return to the places we collaborate and create.

Executive Vice President
Joe Kirk

Executive Vice President



Poppy's proprietary technology and protocols provide advanced detection and safety measures that are unmatched in our industry. The team at Poppy are an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Co-Founder and CEO
Kane Willmott

Co-Founder and CEO



As early leaders in the green building movement, we see the value created by having a third-party validation of our efforts. Our Poppy reports help validate our indoor air quality and safety.

Vice President Sustainability
Katie Rothenberg

Vice President Sustainability

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Partner with us. 

Are you ready to join the clean air revolution and make indoor spaces safer for all?


The are two ways to partner with us: as a Poppy BreatheScore Accredited Professional or a strategic, industry, technology, or academic partner.


Whether contributing to new standards, driving industry or academic research, or integrating with building management systems, Poppy is focused on making business, buildings and spaces safer. 

BreatheScore Accredited Professionals for Advanced Air Test and Balance Analysis

As an BreatheScore Accredited Professional, you can pass on the insight, efficiency and real-time reporting to your customers. Our partnership includes professional development, testing kits, and regular communication about emerging industry standards and best practices.


Learn more.

Industry Partnerships for Smart and Healthy Balanced Buildings Worldwide

Poppy's committed to working together to create healthier, more advanced buildings. Poppy collaborates with organizations that make and manage the solutions making buildings safer and those driving, maintaining, and enhancing innovative building ecosystems. 

Learn more. 

Building manager with tablet displaying real-time ventilation data.

Frequently asked questions

  • Help me understand what BreatheScore sensors can monitor, analyze, and detect?
    To make indoor commercial spaces infection-resilient and overall more healthy, Poppy’s inspects the air down to the particles and consolidates millions of data points to give you charts that measure how infectious particles will clear from the air, how long it will take, and where infection is likley to linger. BreatheScore Certify system provides real-time data during testing periods giving instant airborne-infection clearance data, showing changes, improvements and areas of concern. BreatheScore Monitor provides an installed version of our technology and certification that provides 24/7 continuous data and alerts, as well as capability to detect vaping and other specialized monitoring needs that can be added to you customized install system. BreatheScore Certify and BreatheScore Monitor tracks effective Air Changes per Hour Testing (eACH) for diffused particles instantly during testing, this data shows you how long it takes to clear viruses, bacteria, and molds from the air. It allows benchmarking against standards like ASHRAE 241 in your industry, and sharing real-time safety with occupants using digital signs. When used in calculations ECA or eACH can also provides data as to how much airborne risk is present in the room based on number of people occupying the room at that time, our BreatheScore app uses this type of calculation to determine risk level, and allows you to set capacity controls per room to determine the level of safety and need for aerosol pathogen mitigation is needed. During monitoring, reporting, and testing organizations can see the effects of ventilation changes as they happen, and monitor safety across many rooms, floors and buildings simultaneously. BreatheScore is also the most advance way to measure HVAC balancing and duct balancing, using a fully digital system to analyze, balance and see the airflow in a room. BreatheScore uses air tracing as outlined and recommended in ASHRAE indoor air quality standard to measure air change rate and clean air analysis in digital, real-time.
  • How does Poppy measure air safety in real-time and what does it actually measure?
    The Poppy system uses sensors and nebulizers to measure how viruses in human breath travel and are cleared from an indoor space like an office. We mimic respiratory particles with Poppy Nebulizers, and release them in a water-based tracer mist into the air. Poppy sensors accurately measure how quickly the 1 micron sized tracer droplets are removed from each space. These droplets contain bar coded particles, designed to mimic the behavior of virus-containing human breath in each indoor space. Sensors are located at the height of a typical adult's breathing zone to be as accurate as possible - giving you confidence and precision.
  • What is effective Air Changes per Hour (eACH) and how is it different than ACH?
    The effectiveness of a building’s ability to remove pathogens from the air is measured using effective Air Changes per Hour (eACH). This score is related to how quickly respiratory 1um aerosol particles (human breath) are removed through ventilation and dilution with clean air. An eACH score of 6 means effectively all the air in the room is replaced every 10 minutes (6/60 mins = 10 mins). The higher the eACH score, the safer staff and visitors are from respiratory viruses that can cause infections, such as COVID-19. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), recommends at least 5 eACH or higher for most types of spaces.
  • Why are Poppy sensors better than C02 (IAQ) monitors to measure ventilation safety, perform building air quality testing, drive actionable insights, and monitor potential health impacts?
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitors can provide an indication if an area has poor ventilation compared to the number of people present. However CO2 is a gas which doesn't behave the same as biological particles in human breath. CO2 sensors don't take into account the value of air filtration. Spaces are often safer than CO2 monitors indicate. Poppy's system takes into account air purification, ventilation, and occupancy for a more direct measure of airborne viruses can make people sick.
  • I need a view of all of my building's places of ventilation. Can I get a 3D map of how air flows and where pathogens will likely pool or clear?
    Poppy Professional For high priority spaces, Poppy’s system provides high resolution, 3D tracking of how airborne pathogens travel, pool, and clear over time including: - Transmission pathways to validate the effectiveness of the investments in indoor pathogen safety such as air filtration, fresh air - dilution, masking, cleaning, etc. - Pathogen hotspots to uncover unexpected and important transmission paths that would otherwise be missed. - Overventilated zones to reveal areas where heating & cooling costs can be safely recouped.
  • How to measure indoor air quality to ASHRAE standards and compliance (also known as ASHRAE 241p Standard) in commercial spaces with precision and measurable outcomes?
    Measuring air quality should not be just around one metric, it is a holistic view of the space, its function and most importantly the air change rate in both air movement, as well as filtering and disinfecting. Using a tracer particle system (nebulizers with salt solution and highly precise sensors). Gives a much more complete view of air quality. Rapid certification tests take 20 minutes to perform and cover 5,000 sq ft - certify to test, adjust, retest and evaluate. BreatheScore Certify gives a complete view of how healthy people will be in the indoor space. We commonly refer to this as air health as apposed to air quality, as air quality is commonly tied to C02 measures. CO2 is Only Accurate to Monitor Infection Risk Under a Narrow Set of Conditions. CO2 is easily misinterpreted when used for infection risk monitoring because, fundamentally, respiratory gas measurements are not reflective of respiratory particle exposure and removal rates in buildings that use filtration to clean the air. In North America and Europe this is the dominant mode for CRE buildings. Therefore when CO2 levels are high in a space, and there is high density occupancy, the risk may actually be low with sufficient air change rates and appropriate filtration. On the other hand, when CO2 levels are low, at low occupancy, the risk may still be high if there is insufficient air motion. It only takes 2 people for virus transmission to occur.

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