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Greener and
healthier spaces:

a purpose powered
by science.

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Completing our mission—
one particle at a time.

Poppy came to life in 2019 with a simple mission:
Empower a healthier world by making the invisible—airborne pathogens in our spaces—visible.



After global events flipped how and where we work on its head, what we set out to accomplish remains as relevant and ambitious as ever.

Our products

Clean air flow & ventilation analysis, tested seasonally. Fully digital, real-time results for building optimization, energy savings, testing for ASHRAE Standard 241. 

3D digital twin of your building, visualizing air flow, leakage, cross and volume of air flow. Diagnose systemic issues, uncover risk, and design with data. 

Service providers real-time testing kit to their toolbox. Instant data to get clean airflow insights, quantify ROI, drive energy savings and test 241 for customers.


Making the
invisible visible:
meet the team.

Poppy comprises a team of passionate and award-winning entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers united by a vision to make the air safer, healthier, and more comfortable for everyone when spending time indoors.

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Elizabeth Caley

Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Website_About Sam.png
Sam Molyneux

Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


Powered by science.
Inspired by people.

Our advisors represent some of the most recognized scientists in the converging fields of infectious disease, health security, bioaerosol physics, and microbiome of the built environment. Together with our team, this impressive array of perspectives and expertise gives Poppy our edge in creating infection-resistant and green workplaces for everyone.


Named Poppy #5 Most
Innovative Company in 2022

With 15 patents and counting (pending and granted), Poppy believes green buildings can be healthy if you address what they have in common—clean indoor air.


By reducing energy use for ventilation, heating, and cooling, we can bridge the gap between sustainability and cost. As a team rooted in science, engineering, user experience, and design, Poppy has been recognized with multiple awards and certifications validating the technology’s first-of-its-kind ability to measure airflow, humidity, and turnover to keep buildings healthy, sustainable, and efficient.

Dedicated to our customers'
success and wellness. 

Innovation grounded in science and design


We've got your back when it comes to making the indoor spaces we inhabit safe, functional, and productive. Our technology adapts to all unique spaces to validate the efficacy of any customer's health and safety interventions—such as HVAC systems, air purification, UVC disinfection, and more—regardless of building size, scale, or use. When a hotspot appears, Poppy can rapidly detect it so our customers can mitigate it—without compromising on cost, energy usage, or sustainability.


Become a Poppy Strategic Partner and learn how you can make organizations of all types greener and healthier—one building at a time.

Join the growing number of BreatheScore Accredited Professionals and help your clients through the measurement and certification process.

From scientists and engineers to marketing and human resources experts, our team is looking for those interested in the intersection of science and sustainability to join us.

Check out the latest news about Poppy and our mission to make buildings safer and more efficient.

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