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Raising occupancy rates and lowering costs across North America.

Your buildings are dynamic, as are the expectations of your tenants. That’s why Poppy is monitoring the air safety of 1M sq ft of commercial real estate in North America. Poppy customers gain a competitive advantage while balancing capital investments in HVAC, operating costs, and occupant safety.


Healthy buildings demand a 10-15% premium over other buildings.  
Deloitte, Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2022 


Breathe easier.

Poppy provides a quantifiable competitive edge.



A commercial real estate owner with 14 Class A and B office properties in Florida needed a way to stand out in a crowded market in order to increase occupancy. Many existing tenants were looking to downsize as their staffs were not confident coming back to the office. HVAC operating costs had risen nearly 40% in an effort to bring in a higher fresh air mix for the tenants who did come into work. A few properties were regularly battling mold.


Management initially rolled out Poppy’s System to three properties. They set up the entire system in under a day using monitors and diffusers in common areas like the lobby, elevator waiting areas, and fitness centers. Within 24 hours, the building management teams could view quantified data about each building’s infection-resistant status and where cost savings could occur without compromising safety.

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Most buildings achieved Gold or Platinum air safety ratings when benchmarked against others in their area. The firm used Poppy’s digital signage and online reporting to display the real-time results of its safety investments. At the same time, brokers made sure to show off the results each time they engaged a prospective tenant. Encouraged by the results, the firm rolled out Poppy to all their other buildings.

As early leaders in the green building movement, we see the value created by having 3rd party validation of our efforts. Our weekly Poppy reports help validate our many indoor air quality and safety investments. And when trends change or positive tests arise, Poppy helps us focus our maintenance and engineering team on those areas affected.

Katie Rothenberg

Vice President | Sustainability

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