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BreatheScore Certify.
Certify your building to new standards and increase returns.

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Real-time eACH and EOA results give you the insights needed to optimize your space.

What are eACH and EOA?


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One million square feet monitored and optimized. 

BreatheScore Certify's air tracer technology is the industry’s most innovative and advanced ventilation monitoring and air health certification system, providing fast, precise, zone-by-zone ventilation performance assessment and optimization.


Having worked with hundreds of commercial real estate buildings and their owners, we have learned that inefficient, costly testing leads to tenant and occupant concerns, directly impacting KPIs, sustainability, and revenue.

Poppy provides easy, one day testing and instant results to demonstrate what’s working and what’s not while uncovering ways to save without increasing risk.

Better results. Less cost.  More profit.

BreatheScore gives you instant results, in the palm of your hand, as well as comparison data in our dashboard, allowing you to optimize, retest, run scenarios, validate assumptions, identify challenges and opportunities, as well as quantify the impact of air purifiers, UVC, open windows, and HVAC seasonal settings.


BreatheScore quantifies the effects of all products that impact air health to gauge the ongoing health of your spaces. 

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advantage and optimization

Manage your building’s health, energy costs, and sustainability
like never before.

Poppy’s breakthrough particle tracer technology measures eACH in 15 minutes and is the industry’s fastest and most accurate measurement system.

Uncover areas of over-ventilation (common in 70% of commercial buildings) to quickly reduce energy costs and meet ESG goals.

Assess how you measure up against new occupant safety building standards

Accurately quantify the contribution of all ventilation and healthy air investments, including filters, purifiers, recirculated air, and more, in a single measurement.

Showcase what sets your building apart by communicating your Silver, Gold, or Platinum certification to internal and external stakeholders with tailored reports, scorecards, benchmarks, and social media assets.

BreatheScore Certify cost is less that $.02 per sqft.

and reduces energy costs by at least $.15 per sqft.*

*Energy savings comes from areas of over-ventilation or inefficiencies illuminated by BreatheScore Certify data, this level of savings is likely only found in Class A or B buildings

Certify your building today 
No Installation. No need for Infosec. No up front costs. 


100% of general gathering spaces (lobby, cafeteria, multipurpose room, hallways, classrooms, etc.)

20% of smaller group spaces (cubical areas, private offices, training room, conference rooms, restrooms, etc.)

2 year air health certification

100,000 sqft building 

$349 Month

Example: Actual Pricing Based on Building Layout


100% of general gathering spaces (lobby, cafeteria, multipurpose room, hallways, classrooms, etc.)

40% of smaller group spaces (cubical areas, private offices, training room, conference rooms, restrooms, etc.)

2 year air health certification 

100,000 sqft building

$499 Month

Example: Actual Pricing Based on Building Layout


100% of general gathering spaces (lobby, cafeteria, multipurpose room, hallways, classrooms, etc.)

60% of smaller group spaces (cubical areas, private offices, training room, conference rooms, restrooms, etc.)

2 year air health certification 

100,000 sqft building

$749 Month

Example: Actual Pricing Based on Building Layout

New building
standards are here.
It's time to go. 

For property owners, adhering to these new standards at scale and cost-effectively will be key to this transition. Poppy will support your efforts to make your team more productive, proactive, and ready to tackle what comes next.

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Heathy, integrated and
smart ecosystem.

Part of being the best choice for air safety monitoring is being a good collaborator in the healthy building and smart building ecosystems.


Whether it’s contributing to new standards, driving industry research, or integrating with building management systems, Poppy’s committed to working together to create healthier, more advanced buildings.

Ask about how we integrate with your building system.

Promote a sense of Healthy confidence 

Demonstrate your commitment to air safety and sustainability with communication templates, digital badges, and social media assets promoting your building's certification.

In addition to signage highlighting your Silver, Gold, or Platinum certification, occupants can view digital room-by-room safety statuses and learn more about your commitment to healthy air and sustainability with interactive guides.


BreathScore Professional Scan:

the industry's most advanced infectious aerosol pathway technology — in 3D.



With unmatched spatial intelligence, BreatheScore Professional Scan uses a high-density sensor network to provide 3D tracking of how infectious particles build up, travel, and clear over time.

BreatheScore Professional Scan can be added to a certification test and combines Matterport scans and sensor data to capture unprecedented airflow and aerosol dynamics data at the room, between-room, and floor-to-floor level. Each scan renders a 3D digital twin which can be explored intuitively using Poppy’s BreatheScore Professional Scan browser based web application. 

BreatheScore Certify
Frequently asked questions

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Supporting happy customers 
across the US and Canada

We've got your back when it comes to making the indoor spaces we inhabit safe, functional, and productive.

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We're ready when you are. 
Let us know how we can help. 

Thank you for your message, we will get back to your shortly.


are now held to
a higher standard.

A modern approach
to ventilation testing.


Measuring ventilation performance is due for a massive upgrade. For decades, most buildings are only tested when needing to meet occupancy building codes. The process has been manual, costly, and time-consuming, often resulting in incomplete evaluations.

Test, measure, and optimize more often.


Tenants and occupants are more concerned about indoor air health than ever. Additionally, changing standards requires organizations to test more frequently. With a quick and accurate way to measure ventilation performance, businesses can take advantage of opportunities to reduce costs and increase building health.

Get an actionable, complete picture
of your healthy air strategy.


BreatheScore provides accurate, fast, actionable data for continuous validation and insights. It considers your HVAC system, air purifiers, and other disinfection methods to provide a comprehensive look into your healthy building strategy by collecting data across all these systems anytime performance adjustments are made.

Our comprehensive, proactive testing approach allows you to access and quantify your air health strategies to determine which work and which aren’t worth the energy or effort.

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