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Revolutionizing Indoor Air Quality: Poppy Partners with ResQ for a Healthier Tomorrow in Hospitality

In a recent announcement, Poppy, the creators of the world's first automated, real-time clean indoor air monitoring and testing system, have unveiled their latest innovation: the BreatheScore Kit.


This revolutionary product is set to transform the way we balance air in buildings across various industries, and its impact is poised to reach far and wide. In this blog post, we'll delve into the product's benefits, its potential value to multiple industries, and a strategic partnership that aims to bring it to thousands of restaurants in North America.

Introducing the BreatheScore Kit

The BreatheScore Kit, developed by Poppy, is a mobile instant air tracer and sensor system test kit accompanied by a hands-on training and accreditation program for building engineers and HVAC service providers. This remarkable technology empowers HVAC and TAB service professionals to measure air changes and ventilation performance, resulting in a wide range of benefits.

One of the most compelling advantages of the BreatheScore Kit is its role in helping buildings comply with the newly published ASHRAE Standard 241-2023, designed to reduce the spread of airborne diseases in indoor spaces. With the BreatheScore Kit, service providers can test a ten-story building and deliver results within a day, making the compliance process quick and efficient.

The kit also provides dashboards with historic indoor air quality data, industry baselines, and comparisons of results over time, allowing users to track improvements for each customer's clean air health and minimize ventilation energy costs.

Unprecedented Accuracy and Cost-Effectiveness

Poppy's BreatheScore Kit is distinguished as the industry's most accurate, cost-effective, and rapid solution for measuring and verifying the delivery of clean air per occupant. It not only quantifies the impact of upgrades and renovations but also identifies and troubleshoots areas with stale air or odor problems.

What sets the BreatheScore Kit apart is its visual representation of how air moves through a room, emulating human breath. This particle and sensor system offers professional-grade accuracy, covering up to 5,000 square feet of building space. The actionable data provided by the BreatheScore app reveals safe target occupancy levels, ventilation blind spots, and opportunities for HVAC energy optimization.

Value Across Multiple Industries

The impact of the BreatheScore Kit extends far beyond a single industry. Whether you're in the commercial, healthcare, hospitality, education, or residential sector, this product can enhance the quality of indoor air and reduce energy costs. By offering a comprehensive solution to ensure sustainable, clean, pathogen-free air for occupants, it addresses the diverse needs of workplaces, schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants, factories, warehouses, and residential buildings.

Strategic Partnership with ResQ

In an exciting development, Poppy has joined forces with ResQ, a leading vendor marketplace dedicated to streamlining repair and maintenance operations for restaurants. This strategic partnership aims to bring the BreatheScore Kit and training program to over 5,000 restaurants in North America, beginning with a pilot program for restaurants and vendors in the Greater Toronto Area.

Kuljeev Singh, CEO, and founder of ResQ, highlighted the importance of guest and staff safety, cost reduction, and minimizing downtime for restaurant partners.

“Guest and staff safety along with reducing costs and downtime are always top of mind for our restaurant partners,” said Kuljeev Singh, CEO and founder of ResQ. “We’re thrilled to announce a pilot program with Poppy to bring their cutting edge testing kits to our customers so they can improve their ventilation performance to reduce energy consumption and bolster guest and staff safety.”

ResQ has great enthusiasm about the pilot program with Poppy, which will empower their customers to improve ventilation performance, reduce energy consumption, and enhance the safety of guests and staff.

A Path to a Healthier Tomorrow

Standard 241-2023 is poised to be incorporated into building codes later this year, setting new requirements for clean, pathogen-free air per occupant to reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission. Poppy, with its BreatheScore Kit, is at the forefront of providing real-time ASHRAE Standard 241 testing capability to service providers, ensuring healthier indoor environments.

With its exceptional technology, Poppy continues to innovate and create solutions for indoor air quality challenges. This partnership with ResQ and the widespread adoption of the BreatheScore Kit in the restaurant industry is a testament to the company's commitment to improving indoor air quality and making it more accessible to various sectors.

The BreatheScore Kit's innovative approach to monitoring indoor air quality, combined with its partnerships, is a significant step forward in enhancing the health and well-being of occupants in buildings of all kinds.

As we look to the future, Poppy's technology promises to transform how we approach indoor air quality, creating a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates as Poppy continues to revolutionize the way we breathe indoors.


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