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Indoor air testing for clean air, ASHRAE 241, energy savings, and proven air health.

Confidently measure green, clean indoor air flow exchange rates, ECA, and ECAi for ASHRAE 241 commercial buildings and workplace compliance.

Real-time, clean air testing in as little as 20 minutes, as low as $29 month. 

More than 70% of Class A buildings overspend on ventilation.

Poppy empowers facility managers, directors of sustainability, property asset managers, and building owners with new capabilities for clean air testing and optimization. Get clear, real-time data on where you can safely reduce energy, while meeting ASHRAE 241, and optimize building costs.

Meet ASHRAE Standard 241 


All buildings are subject to ASHRAE Standard 241, ensuring greater resilience of building, community and occupant health. This standard outlines approved methods and measures of clean indoor air exchange rates by industry, requiring detailed functional assessments and introducing ASHRAE 241 protocols, new building modes, and documentation. 


Reduce Ventilation Energy Costs


Reduce energy usage by 20% by measuring your commercial ventilation energy usage, establishing a baseline and optimizing your energy usage and airflow rates balance. Leverage equivalent clean air (ECA) data and ASHRAE Standard 241 as an airflow baseline to maximize healthy cost savings.

Ensure Air Health and Productivity

Reduce sick days, increase occupancy and productivity by delivering consistently air safety, reduce transmission across your buildings zones, floors, or entire footprint. Designed for offices, commercial buildings, clean rooms, labs, gyms, cafeterias and classrooms.


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Benefit and cost of air quality test for clean air measures.

Building clean air testing and ventilation verification supporting ASHRAE 241 compliance, energy conservation and indoor air safety.
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The world's first digital ventilation performance verification system, providing instant accurate results seasonally, on-demand, or 24/7. 

Comparison of over-ventilating and optimally adjusted ventilation systems.
Building air safety testing Illustration of data collection from different spaces within a building.

The Poppy air difference.

Poppy's patented air tracer technology and digital clean air testing sets the standard for measuring indoor air clearance quickly, accurately, and efficiently, measuring all passive and mechanical systems in place.


Our award-winning, innovative sensor algorithms analyze complex environmental data in real-time, providing precise air change rates and clean air delivery rates (eACH, ECAi, VECAi) or IAQ monitoring for VOCs, vape, and wildfire smoke measurements for any indoor space. Poppy is the only fully digital, real-time solution to meet ASHRAE 241 advanced testing methods. 

Our clean air testing technology allows you to see sensor-based air particle analysis 5,000 sqft at a time, factoring in HEPA, MERV-13, and other filters used in HVAC or air purifiers by analyzing the comprehensive outcome of airflow volume and filtration in each unique space. Real-time HVAC air balance calculations drive change. 

Save on energy costs. Stay healthy.
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Be part of the community. Join our webinar. 

Learn how ASHRAE 241 is changing building code and air quality standards, testing and programs. New ASHRAE standard testing lead to opportunities for energy conservation and greater health resilience. 

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You're in good company. 


When you're responsible for a space, you have a responsibility for the safety and well-being of the people within it. Poppy has helped instil a sense of security amongst our team as we return to the places we collaborate and create.

Executive Vice President
Joe Kirk
Executive Vice President

Poppy's proprietary technology and protocols provide advanced detection and safety measures that are unmatched in our industry. The team at Poppy are an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Co-Founder and CEO
Kane Willmott
Co-Founder and CEO

As early leaders in the green building movement, we see the value created by having a third-party validation of our efforts. Our Poppy reports help validate our indoor air quality and safety.

Vice President Sustainability
Katie Rothenberg
Vice President Sustainability

Getting started with Poppy



Schedule your testing day and determine the areas you want to begin testing. Start this week.



Watch the data roll in on your test day. Use real-time insights to adjust, retest, and optimize.



Achievement unlocked! Confidently promote safety, sustainability, savings, and speed after optimization. 

Reduce the cost of air quality testing and get energy and HVAC system savings.

Starting testing for as low as 2 cents per sqft.

We partner with your HVAC providers using sensor-derived data for precise visibility into air balancing needs. 


Data insights allow you to optimize air flow balance for increased safety, healthier indoor environments, meeting industry ASHRAE 241 standards, and execute air balancing in HVAC calculation. 


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Contact us and get started today

Get Started

Insights from our Blog

Partner with us. 

Are you ready to join the clean air revolution and make indoor spaces safer for all?


The are two ways to partner with us: as a Poppy BreatheScore Accredited Professional or as a strategic, industry, technology, or academic partner.


Whether contributing to new standards, driving industry or academic research, or integrating with building management systems, Poppy is focused on making business, buildings and spaces safer. 

BreatheScore Accredited Professionals 

As a BreatheScore Accredited Professional, you can pass on the insight, efficiency and real-time reporting to your customers. Our partnership includes professional development, testing kits, and regular communication about emerging industry standards and best practices. Enhance your commercial HVAC industrial process.

Industry Partnerships for Smart and Healthy Balanced Buildings Worldwide

Poppy's committed to working together to create healthier, more advanced buildings. Poppy collaborates with organizations that make and manage the solutions making buildings safer and those driving, maintaining, and enhancing innovative building ecosystems. 

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